SATA Hard Drive Recovery: Recovering Lost Files from SATA Hard Drives

Regardless of how fantastic your SATA HD is, accidental data loss can happen when we least expect it for a variety of reasons, such as accidental data cleaning, formatting, partition problem, virus attacks, and more. If it happened recently, the lost data can be recovered from SATA hard drives. When formatting / deletingdata from SATA hard disk, the data does not disappear completely, what happens is that the section of SATA hard disk where the previously lost files were is marked empty and can be occupied by new files.  You should find a processional hard drive service if your data is very sensitive.

There’s a good possibility to recover the data in SATA HD with a good data recovery program before adding new files, as this replacement can cause irreparable loss of files.

Recovering data from SATA hard disk

First of all, you should get the best data recovery tool such as Undelete 360.

Step 1 – Connect SATA hard disk to the computer.

Step 2 –Select the data location to recover. And then click the “Start” button to start verification.

Step 3 – You will start a scan to search for lost files on SATA hard drive.

Step 4 –Check the result and recover the data from SATA hard drives.

All recoverable files will be displayed. You can see and mark the files you want to recover with a click.

What is a SATA Hard Drive?

SATA (or Serial ATA) hard drives are well-known like serialhard disks and have replaced usual PATA (Parallel ATA) hard drives, becoming the standard storage device for computers. Serial ATA, which was offered by numerous major hard disk manufacturers, in 2002, new specification has been introduced namedATA 2.0, although at the time have not yet released any SATA equipment.

Serial ATA includes a serial buswith a built-in clock signal which offers greater error-correction capability than the older EIDE or PATA hard drives. The main diversity is that this new technology can automatically verify and correct not only data errors, but also of the commands it sends and receives, which greatly improves the data transmission reliability. The SATA serial interface has two simple 7-pin structures and can be quickly removed and has the enormous advantage of generating more efficient and faster data transfers between devices.

Giving agility and effectiveness of data recovery, the SSD data recovery services are best suited for critical situations.