R4i Gold 3DS Review for Playing DS Games and Installing CFW

R4ids.cn team has released the new R4i Gold 3DS Plus flashcard for DS and NTRboothax games. This flashcard is similar to the Ace3DS in the aspect of having a button for changing between DS mode and NTRBoot mode. Additionally, just like the R4i Gold 3DS flashcard, it is just perfect for DS games. It is the top and excellent NTR choice flashcard for playing DS games and installing 3DS CFW.

The R4i Gold 3DS Plus: Facts

The R4i Gold 3DS Plus is an improved version of R4i Gold 3DS RTS card. However, if comparing the R4i Gold 3DS with the original R4i Gold 3DS RTS, it should be noted that it comes pre-flashed with NTRBootHax. It is built with a switch button inside its flashcard shell, and this makes it a whole lot easier when installing either the B9S or 3DS CFW also enjoying DS games both 2DS, New 2DS and 3DS, New 3DS handheld devices. Generally, the R4i Gold 3DS plus flashcard can be used to play both Nintendo 3DS games and DS games as it supports these with ease and at an affordable rate too. You can actually get the R4i Gold 3DS Plus.

Features of the R4i Gold 3DS Plus

  • Both the R4i Gold 3DS plus and the R4i Gold RTS are flashcards released by the same team and are entirely compatible.
  • This card supports all DS games and all different types of consoles as it works like a standard NDS flashcard when the switch button which is marked “D” is pushed to the right side.
  • When the switch button is switched to the left marked “N”, the flashcard will work as an NTRBoot loader which SafeB9SInstaller can boot up and support all existing types of consoles.


This device has excellent utility, and it is a big step up from the r4ids.cn team, you can check out their other products at 3DS-Flashcard.com.

We hope found this review very helpful.