Questions You Must Ask A Magento Developer

Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms available today which is an open source technology which provides business owners or merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. It has features like search engine optimization, network security, content management and functionality which you can use for designing your website. It has a number of plugins and themes which can help your website to stay ahead in the competition. Magento is an enterprise eCommerce solution that must be built by an experienced, Certified Magento Coder only.

Advantages Of Using Magento:

  • Magento is an open software which is constantly updated by an army of coders and it offers endless possibilities both simple and extremely complex for layered pricing, multiple product options and more.
  • There are thousands of Magento themes that can be applied to make your layout mobile friendly and device responsive.
  • Magento is a scalable software that can be built very simple to start and with the use of extensions and expert coding, can add very complex pricing rules, ERP integration and more without redoing the entire website.
  • When it comes to money transaction it is very important that you have a safe and secure payment gateway.  Magento extensions can provide unlimited payment gateway options and by default provides secure checkout with PayPal.

Questions You Should Ask A Magento Developer

  • Certification: Before hiring or choosing any Magento Developer always make sure that you check their experience and certification. Recognize the developer’s skill by looking for current certification requirements and insist on only using a Certified Magento Developer for your project.
  • Experience: Always ask your developer to show you their experience and past projects. This will provide you with an insight on what to expect and how to get some ideas for your future web designing projects.
  • Effective Communication: It is very important that you have effective communication set up with your Magento Developer. For smooth running of the project everyday communication and updates are essential.
  • Billing: Ask your developer how they charge clients. Some charge on a hourly basis, and many provided a fixed project estimate.  It is always recommended to know how you will be invoiced so that no miscommunication arises later.
  • Website Design: Know and understand how the developers would like to create your website. Become a part of the project. Many developers like to make custom-made websites or websites with special themes and backgrounds. It does not matter as long as you receive your unique website.
  • SEO: SEO is very important when it comes to optimizing your website to make it visible to search engines. If you are creating a unique website and nobody visits it then what is the use of creating such websites? Discuss SEO fundamentals with your Magento Developer.

The more you know about your Magento Developer the more success you will get with your website. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions, the more you ask the more you will get to know them. This will help you in making decisions regarding hiring them.