Promoting Your SoundCloud Account In 2018

If you want to gain a footing in the music industry in 2018, SoundCloud is one of the first sites to consider uploading your music to. This website offers easy connectivity between musicians and audiences with its simple music hosting/sharing abilities. In this article, we have highlighted few up to date tips that can help you to promote your content on SoundCloud in 2018.

Should you invest in a SoundCloud Pro account?

It is not compulsory to buy a SoundCloud Pro account but it can definitely provide several benefits. With Soundcloud’s free accounts you can only order songs by their upload date, but the Pro version allows users to highlight their best songs on the top of their page. Another benefit of a Pro Account is its statistics and analytics section. If you are buying Soundcloud promotional services, it’s often advantageous to have advanced analytics to see if the traffic you’re receiving is real or not.

Three Basic Tips for Beginners

Choose your display picture wisely

    : Spare a few minutes to create an eye-catching profile picture on SoundCloud. Even if you are a beginner, it is important to display a high resolution, professional quality photograph on your profile. Note that a grainy or unprofessional image can destroy your first impression on the network.

Get effective SoundCloud banner

    : Most of the beginners make a mistake of choosing default SoundCloud banner. Take the time to upload a banner image with 2480×520 pixel resolution and have it complement your profile picture. You can hire a graphic designer at budget-friendly rates from some online platforms like Fiverr, however if you are not in a position to invest money for the banner image creation, you can get royality free HD images from few trusted sources like Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash.

Check your contact information:

    : It is really good to receive messages from the audience on SoundCloud, but if you don’t list your contact information on the platform you could lose opportunities. Ensure that your SoundCloud contact information is same as other social media pages listed in your collections so that labels, fans and promoters can contact you with ease.

Find Paid Promotion Services

A simple Google search will show you that there tonnes of websites online offering authentic paid promotion services. Most will have sleek websites and promise big results – however, it is not advisable to just trust their claims blindly. If you’re unsure how their service will affect your page, always inquire about their promotion methods to ensure they are both legitimate and reliable.

If you buy a promotion service and end up getting lots of spammy interactions on your song, it really isn’t a good look for other potential fans to see when hitting your page. Most people in 2018 can spot a bot account a mile away, and it will often leave a negative impression if it’s seen engaging with your music. If you happen to buy a service and your song gets flooded with spammy likes/reposts, your best bet is probably to delete the song and re-upload it – even if it means erasing past engagement and starting at zero again.

Another way to identify reliable promotion service providers is to check their reviews online. Read feedback from their old clients; if people are not happy with their services or complaining about illegitimate methods, try looking for another more reputable provider.

Repost Pages

You may also find SoundCloud pages that have a large number of followers that will offer to repost your music on their platform for a one-time fee Now, same as other promotional services, they can also be real or fake so it is important to check their pages and account details carefully to ensure if the stats are real. Some of these pages bloat their followings by tens of thousands via bot accounts which won’t engage with your song. For best results, make sure the genre of the page matches the genre of your song.

Wrapping Up

Ignore critics and cynics who say SoundCloud is not a necessary platform in marketing and distributing your music online — it is undeniably a top-rated music sharing service that can route traffic and fans to your page from all corners of the globe. Remember, building your music ‘brand’ online is a marathon, not a sprint – choose an effective strategy and give it some time to shine. When you plan correctly, hard work will always bring about rewards and get you closer to your goals.