Progo Scooter – A Fresh Look At Ecologically Clean Vehicles

Naturally, whenever a gas-powered scooter rides pass you, there’s always a disgusting grimace occurring on your face. All because the engine sound is ways too annoying and the smell of exhausts is just too distinct. Of necessity you start thinking that a thing like that isn’t worth a single penny spent on it. To some extent the conclusion is true; it is long overdue for the gas-powered engines to be replaced with the more efficient and environmentally friendly ones. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t develop apreconceived point of view. Once you get chance to read a ProGo scooter review, your opinion might change for the direct opposite.

Propane vs gasoline

First things first, ProGo scooter is one of those vehicles that aren’t technically bound to gas type of fuel. The model comes with a propane-powered 25 cc heart, which is relatively quiet and emits practically no harmful exhausts. Wondering how it was achieved? The key factor lies in the very nature of suchsubstance as propane. It contains a rather low percentage of carbon thus, producing no hazardous wastes like carbon dioxide or other toxic chemicals. Besides, its boiling point is only 42 ° Celsius (compared to 85 ° C of gasoline), meaning that the fuel burns completely leaving no traceable scent.

Great many leading engineers of automotive industry emphasize one fact – propane fuel is not just ecologically clean it has also a higher energy density compared to gasoline. Having taken this as a concept, Los Angeles manufacturers ProGo Recreation gave birth to the new era of eco-friendly vehicles when introduced their innovative ProGo 3000 propane scooter. Expectedly, by analogy with all the innovations, the product received both tons of admirers and armies of haters. Debates regarding its usability and design features continue up to nowadays.

Easy ride with minimum efforts applied

Despite the fact the product’s design was majorly inspired by the kids’ push stand-up scooter models, the appliance has still much to boast and offer its owner. One of the most noticeable advantages is the use of a four-stroke engine, which has come to replace the less efficient two-stroke alternatives. Eventually, such an approach is a mere breakthrough in terms of technical solutions: one doesn’t need to bother with primers, chokes and all sorts of carburetor gumming. Things that so regularly happen to all the two-stroke engines, used in the gas-powered scooters, chainsaws and trimmers are no longer an issue with ProGo 3000 by your side. The easy pull start system in combination with durable frame and 8-inch wheels makes your riding a totally relaxing and full of joy experience. Add here the front and rare disk brakes and a 16.4 oz propane canister and you’ll know why so many potential customers think of obtaining the model. It can actually save you a great deal of time and money in a long run, should you maintain your scooter properly.

From what we’ve learnt so far, ProGo 3000 is a rather promising and peculiar innovation that’s got all chances to win the market in the nearest future. Considering the fact it develops speed of up to 20 mph and covers distance of 30-40 miles on a single canister, making a prediction is none of a complex task.