Product Review: Herolocity & Website365

Pioneers of online business automation, Herolocity works with the objective to change the way businesses operate for maximum productivity, minimum costs and an overall efficient working environment. Providing three products with a single platform, the business aims for complete business connectivity.

It helps provide a more solid focus on more important aspects of the business by eliminating the need to juggle with tasks like scheduling appointments, placing online orders, invoicing, phoning and any other factor that may slow down business activity. One of the ways it does this is through providing a fully managed web presence with Website365.

Website365 connects all aspects of the business to the website, enabling business owners to take their operations beyond usual.


What You Gain FromWebsite365

To begin with, you are greeted by a team of professional website designers and marketers who take the business beyond borders with a transformed website that is modern and sleek, and engineered to translate casual passersby into potential customers. Furthermore, the service takes a more personal, 1-on-1 approach so you can rest assured that your requirements are carefully met.

With a professionally designed website comes a stronger online presence and so with Website365 you can be at peace knowing your website will be among the top search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. The 365 platform not only optimizes your web presence for search engines but also strengthens your brand building, precisely keeping in mind the SEO requirements so your webpage can be loved by search engines, both on a national and local level.

The team of professionals who will be handling and managing your website design and marketing offers round the clock services while providing plenty of room for specific customizations for special events. They make sure your website is made precisely according to your needs, and can also be altered in the future, should the need arise. What is more interesting is the fact that you incur no further costs (excluding the subscription fee). Therefore, if you run a dynamic business that requires regular website updates, you know where to go.

With Website365, you can break into the market faster owing to the absence of high up-front and on-going costs that keep springing up from time to time. The model for web designing and marketing includes only a monthly subscription with zero additional charges. Furthermore, say hello to increased revenue owing to reduced labor costs.

This is because automated appointment scheduling, online selling and payments through the addition of 100+ web apps eliminate the need for manual labor and thus can lead to major savings in terms of both time and costs. Also, there remains almost no room for human error with an automated business platform.

One of the biggest gains of Website365is its ability to facilitate any business operation, regardless of scale or complexity. Whether you are a sole trader or a limited company, the product’s business automation applications can scale your business at any level so you will not have the need to use third-party plug-ins in the future.


Website365 vs. Traditional Marketing

In contrast to the traditional method of marketing, Website365 take a modern approach to website design and marketing. The present business model is taken and transformed in a way best suited to your sales mechanism. The business is entirely automated so it carries out day-to-day tasks efficiently. This includes invoicing, hiring, and shopping.

Website365 condenses all these operations in their single platform to ensure that you can save precious time, effort and costs. While traditional business website design comes with a core focus of performing basic SEO tactics, Website365 takes the advanced way to make sure everything falls in place systematically and the outcome is achieved through a tailored strategy.


The Website365 package comes with multiple beneficial features that include:

  • Cloud Hosting: Your webpage is hosted via the 365 platform for fast and unparalleled connectivity.
  • Business E-mail: Allows for easy creation, management and access of business email accounts from any device and from any location.
  • Website Analysis: With the help of the Analytics App, you can assess the entire presence, traffic and in-depth insights of your web with considerable ease.
  • Domain Name: You can register for standard domain names, for instance .com, or premium domain names, such as .shop.
  • Website Text: Professionally composed website text optimized for the search engines and to convert casual onlookers into potential customers.

Other products intended to empower other dominant markets include Automate365 and Agency365. While the former caters to all website owners and helps connect every aspect of their business with the website, the latter is designed for design agencies looking for a solution to translate their website design into a completely developed website in a matter of thirty seconds or less.

To get a quotation price for the product along with a personalized marketing strategy report outlining the steps that will be taken for your business’s transformation and a 365 Welcome kit, visit today!