Pro Tips for Building a Successful Webpage in Singapore

Building a successful website goes beyond the basic design and content. Do not get too caught up trying to create a thing of beauty that you forget to address the issues that bring users to your page.

A good website should be optimized and with regard to functionality, it should clearly communicate to the users. To find out if your website is a good one, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does the website clearly and quickly state what your company does, why you do it and for who?
  2. Can the users navigate through the site easily?
  3. Is easy to understand the pricing layout?
  4. How high is your bounce rate?

First and foremost, decide on what purpose you want your website to serve. Have a solid plan and also come up with clear objectives. When the project is ongoing, refer back to the plan to make sure that you are on the right path.

A website that is created without any plan does not provide any benefit and ultimately, a lot of time and money go to waste. Below are ten tips to help you create a successful web design Singapore business.

  • Time taken to load

When your page takes too long to load, visitors will most likely lose interest quickly and leave the page.

The main causes for slow page loading are image and videos. This is why it’s advisable to only use graphics when necessary. Always use fewer or smaller images.

  • Easy Navigation

A navigation interface is an easy to follow map that has the entire important place that your visitors can access.

Make it super easy for your website visitors to implement what it is that brought them to your site in the first place. Add menus at the top of the page for simple navigation

When the visitors don’t locate what they’re looking for they will get frustrated and leave.

  • Implement calls to action

Provide some sort of direction to your page for visitors; to guide them on what steps they should take next.

If for example, you want them to subscribe to your newsletters, provide a form and ask them to fill it.

  • Share buttonstoother social media pages

Give your visitors the chance to share with their friends what they find worth sharing. In return, this will bring more traffic to your page.

  • Unknown 404 errors and broken links

Take your time to identify the links on your website that are not properly linked and those that are not working.

Fix any broken page on your site.

  • Optimization

Get your facts on what SEO concept is and how it works. Develop SEO strategies that will help your page to be found.

Optimizing your site will go a long way in strengthening your online presence. You need to create relevant content with proper keywords that your visitors can relate to.

  • Keep testing

Testing your website every now and then will reveal to you if your site is functioning just how you intended it to.

Testing will also allow you to find pages that have outdated information that needs to be updated. Simple changes can go a long way in transforming the page’s overall performance.

  • Use value adding images

Sometimes, adding images with testimonials and an occasional video can increase the visitor’s interest in your page; just make sure that it is relevant.

If you cannot get proper photographs to work with, and then you have the option of using other options such as cartoons and animations.

Invest in the best quality images and videos for your site.

  • A mobile platform

A website that is not responsive to mobile phones looks very unprofessional and can have a huge negative effect on your SEO. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

  • Make it more personal

Most times your visitors want to feel like they can connect with you on a personal level. It is recommended that you add a “face” to the content. A photo of the company’s founder or that of the team he/she works with will do a great good job here.

You could also tell your audience a short personal story that they can relate to.


A successful website should be comprehensive and most importantly, professional. Building one requires that you get the basics right first. For first time designers this might seem a bit hard but with the above tips, they are guaranteed to build an amazing website.