Planned Border Cellphone, Social Media Password Searches for Visitors to U.S. Causing Concern

The Privacy of many Canadians could be imperiled by apparent U.S. plans to demand cellphone and social media passwords from any foreign visitors says a federal watchdog. This is when an ORM agency can step in and control a situation like this if ever an innocent person gets any information exposed about them due to these situations. This means that there can be intrusive searches even at preclearance facilities in Canada. The U.S. border security agents can ask any person entering the U.S. about the Internet sites they visit as well as passwords to help assess their online activities.Image result for online reputation management

According to the U.S. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, his proposal prompted an American coalition of human rights and civil liberties organizations and experts in security, technology and the law to express which is a deep concern. It is a privacy violation to ask any visitors to provide cellphone contacts and social-media passwords. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers can preclear any passengers flying to American cities through eight major Canadian airports there. The good thing about these preclearance arrangements is that they would strengthen security and prosperity while ensuring respect for the sovereignty of both countries according to the Liberal government.

Any efforts to move any goods or people across the 49th parallel more quickly have unfolded due to Donald Trump’s election in November. When Trump banned visitors from several largely Muslim countries, this cancelled the Nexus trusted-traveller cards of about 200 Canadian permanent residents, which has also lead to many different problems. Many people weren’t able to get back home or back to school due to being a minority in Trump’s eyes. Due to this going on, there have also been several reports of minorities from Canada being turned away at the U.S. border.