Pharmaceutical Software: is it really Useful?

What is CRM in general?

CRM software is a tool for improving the relationship between clients and the firms to be able to serve them better. Its primary purpose is to set up, maintain and retain clients for long term relations, and by doing that, maximize revenue through client relationships.

The software stores data and documents related to customers in one single CRM database. This enables business users to have easier access to the information and manage it in a more effective way. CRM software has other useful functions such as recording different client interactions, both via email, phone calls and social media, daily workflow process automatization, for example tasks, calendars and reminders. The software also provides managers with the ability of following up on customer performance and productivity, using the information stores in the database.

What is Pharmaceutical software?

In the same way, pharmaceutical CRM is a system aimed at helping people working in the field of pharmacy to easily deal with everyday pharmaceutical operations, decreasing time and efforts spent on them.

Using pharmaceutical sales software, people working in the field of Pharmacy can:

  • Create stronger relationship with their customers
  • Provide their customers with better products and services
  • Be competitive in the market
  • Be innovative, i. e. create new products/services to walk side by side with market dynamics and conditions

All of the above mentioned points in their turn lead to increased revenue.


What are the best Pharmaceutical software in the market today?

Among top pharmaceutical software in today’s market are bpm’online, fishbowl and BatchMaster ERP.

Bpm’online pharma is a complex CRM database that enables users to maintain all relevant information related to clients in a single platform. With bpm’online pharma gives users always have access to all latest updates, changes and information related to results of visits, volume of sales and relations between customers. The CRM in pharma is designed to meet particular needs of the industry, as well as offer instruments for efficient marketing and social integration among the users.

Fishbowl is CRM software aimed at business automation and inventory management. The pharmaceutical sales software is created mainly for small to mid-sized businesses.

This CRM software provides inventory control, planning of material requirements, as well as manufacturing execution. Fishbowl is inventory-centric software, having features for barcoding, asset management, raw materials management, cycle counting and customized reporting. The software can as well automate such processes as quoting, ordering and purchasing.

BatchMaster ERP is a comprehensive business resource planning solution designed for small and medium-sized process manufacturing firms. Being an OEM SAP software, it performs a great deal of business management functions, such as business intelligence, management of supply chain, sales and other business-related processes.


Being a useful tool for improving customer relationship, storing data and performing a number of important functions, CRM software is used by many companies from various fields, including that of pharmacy. Nowadays the market is full of pharmaceutical software, and among them bpm’online, Fishbowl and BatchMaster ERP are considered the best ones.