Options to Receive Donations Online

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Many times, we need to ask for money from the members of a community to perform some task. Small donations made by groups of thousands of people are enough to do big projects or keep alive some major activities.

On the Internet we find some tools that help us collect money from donors, here I leave some well-known examples.

An obvious example of this is Kiva, which gets thousands of dollars each month to help entrepreneurs in the third world to create and maintain their business, returning donations when the company starts to generate profit.


Donorbox is the most trusted source used by the majority of donors today. It offers many benefits for its users while making it easy for them to receive donations online. You should never be hesitant to use this way to collect donations because this builds up the best donation platform for the donors.


Kapipal allows us to create a page of donations with the description of the reason for which we are raising funds. Each time someone pays through this page, you can leave a comment and see the progress bar approaching the previously defined goal.


It allows creating a component in which you will indicate the project and the money that you need for it. Each time someone makes a donation, the progress bar will be updated, showing what has already been achieved and what is necessary to make the project viable. You can publish this component in your blog or create a page in a subdomain of Chipin to be disclosed.


CiviContribute is a component of Civicrm, an ideal open source solution for the development of NGO websites. This component allows managing the money that enters and leaves the organization.


JustGiving allows you to create a project page in minutes, offering the possibility of receiving donations from readers. Integrated with PayPal and credit cards arean excellent way to create a page to accept donations in a short time.

There are several projects with similar characteristics, others that receive aids to pre-registered projectors (like bringlight.com), the case is to offer tools that help make possible the good works that are in the world.