Online marketing: how can you use it?

One of the most frequent questions that we receive from visitors to this website is: ‘how can I actually use online marketing to benefit my business?’. Now, in the majority of cases it is actually completely impossible to give any sort of real advice because every business is different, and we do not want to give out advice that we are not confident about. However, there are some areas in which the same advice will apply over and over again, and one of those business areas is dentistry. After all, how different can you get, really, before you go beyond what is acceptable for a dentist to do? That is why we are going to take dentistry, and more specifically, dental bridges, as an example of how you can use online marketing to be able to encourage new customers – or patients, in this case – to come to you specifically.Image result for Online marketing: how can you use it?

For a start, you need to be able to give potential customers a clear understanding of exactly what it is that they will experience if they decide to come to you for a dental bridge. The problem with dentists is that they are trained to be able to think in one way, and one way only, and that is often very medical, and not necessarily easy for anyone else to understand. The key thing about marketing is that you explain exactly what a thing is to the people who not only need it, but want it; you need to be able to create demand, a desire for something that they could not necessarily argue is absolutely vital. And so, when you go about writing a description for a dental bridge, you need to consider this. Below are two examples of how to explain what a dental bridge is:

A dental bridge is a piece of dental technology that fits between and over a gap in a patient’s teeth to not only fill the gap, but ensure that the gap does not increase over time due to tooth movement.

A dental bridge is a clever bit of dental treatment which will completely remove the appearance of a gap in your teeth, and also has the added benefit of preventing a larger gap from appearing in your teeth.

Do you see the difference? Technically they describe absolutely the same thing, but the first is a very clinical approach, telling only the absolute facts that a person may not actually need to know – whilst the second approaches the customer as an individual, and subtly explains the benefits to the customer in ways that they can understand and visualize easily; no gap anymore, preventing gaps from appearing in the future. If you want to be able to market something like dental bridges, you need to be able to explain it to a customer in a way that they will understand the underlying benefit.

Now all you have to do is prove to potential customers just how stark the difference is between having the dental bridge treatment, and not having it. You can do this through the use of photographs, diagrams, reviews, or animations – but however you decide to do it, you need to be consistent. If you claim that a particular treatment is purely cosmetic, then do not try to explain it as a dental procedure. If you explain that a treatment is really simple and pain free, then do not include reviews of previous patients that include quotations talking about how painful it is! It is all about consistency, and when you have got that right, you will instantly improve your online marketing skills.