Now Hear This! Social Listening With NetBase

Social Listening Explained and How it Can Help Your Business!

“Social Listening” is a great way to utilize social media and social signals to keep an eye on your brand’s digital footprint, and what customers are saying about your business.

At its core, the process known as “Social Listening” is the constant monitoring of your brand’s social media accounts for interactions from customers, like posts to your pages, mentions of your business on popular social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, learning specific keywords and topics from these interactions, analyze and gain insights to potentially get the jump on new opportunities.

“Social listening,” as opposed to “social monitoring,” is a bit of a two-edged sword. Not only does the process keep watch for mentions and conversations regarding your business on your social media accounts, it helps dive deeper into these conversations with analysis and gives your business the chance to come up with new and improved strategies, be it new ways to interact with customers, or even new and unique marketing techniques.

You can keep up with trends in your industry using this unique process, as well as gain new insights on ways to interact with your customers, implementing your new strategies to keep ahead of your competition and building more traction and engagement from your followers.

Staying Engaged

Social media allows people to be heard. Whether it’s someone connecting with their friends, with their favorite band, or with one of their favorite businesses, it allows them to be heard and connect with virtually anyone and make their voice count. This trend allows you as a business owner to strategize your social media presence, making engaging posts and content, driving further engagement and conversions from your followers. It might be interesting to point out the fact that just under 50% of people claim to be more likely to buy from companies who are responsive with their customers on social networks.

New Ways to Market

With social media, we are in an age where we can create and sell a product, all from our computer. We can find new things that interest us that we would like to buy. Billions of people being on social media every day, and learning all about your customer trends using this process allows you to find new ways to market. You can target ads to people who have proven to be responsive and engaging with your brand, which can lead to more conversions and sales for you. It’s amazing what just a little bit of time growing your brand’s social media presence can do.

How Can Netbase Help?

Netbase is a social analytics company helping brands employ social listening to further develop their social presence, engage with their customers, increasing customer acquisition, and much more. Netbase systems process millions of social media posts daily to gain valuable insights on customer trends for various businesses, including marketing research, customer service, sales and public relations, and even product innovation. Netbase has proven to be empowering for the businesses that utilize its powerful social monitoring tools, analytics platforms, business dashboards and reports, and AI solutions. Any brand looking to grow their social presence today through social listening should look no further than Netbase!