New PDF to Flash Converter

PDF to Flash Converter is software that converts Adobe PDF documents to the flash format so these documents can be used in many ways. The PDF tool will help you turn these files into magazines that can be page turning and other documents to help you share with others.

Flipping bookmaker program

This PDF to Flash converter can be used forits flipping bookmaker program which lets you convert PDF to books that flip, flash flipping magazines, reports and other items of writing to share on or offline.

Fast and easy

This PDF to Flash SWF converter tool is fast and easy to use – with the snap of your thumb you can have a document converted to 3D formats for uploading to the client’s website or your website or blog. This gives you lots of choices on ways to organize PDF to Flash conversion like being able to select layout, encoding and page number for the conversion process to start and finish. It also has support for HTML Meta; page breaks as well as extraction of an image.

PDF to Flash Transfer

PDF to Flash transfer program will let users turn PDF documents to page turning websites. It allows Page Flip Magazine conversion from PDF documents, with page embedding audios, videos images, hyperlinks etc. And the e-book output can be read on:

  • iPhone
  • iPad Pro mini, air
  • Nexus tablet
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab pro
  • Other e-book readers

To develop electronic flip books, it lets you change PDF to Flash with html page automatically and then create your own professional and stunning flipping book, Flip album, video magazine.

No need for programming skills

With this piece of software, you will not need any programming skills flash, only import your pdf files into the program and then choose the templates for them, flash player or pre-loader effect, the final publish.

Download copy

You can download a copy of this software and there is also a version for Mac. After a free period, you will need to buy it. But, there are also many converters for PDF to Flash on other parts of the internet and are free – so you can do a Google search and probably find a free-version that will serve you just as well.