National Small Business Week? Here Are 5 Ways to Connect with Customers

The National Small Business Week is a yearly event in the U.S founded by the U.S Small Business Administration (SBA). During the event, contributions of each small business to the immediate environment is accessed and evaluated. Also, small business owners are educated business wise to boost their performance. People who are unable to attend this yearly program get involved by running National Small Business week marketing and promotion campaigns. Different online listing sites like Ottawa 411 Smart Search, social media, and mailings are used for this promotion and the following are nine ways to go about this.

#1: Send out Newsletters

Newsletters talking about the National Small Business Week can be used to sensitize your subscribers about the event. You can talk about success stories of business owners that you admire or simply share your business story, talking about the vision and challenges. Tell your subscribers how you will be participating in the Business Week.

#2: Use Email to Reach Out to Subscribers

Simply describe the Business week describing what it entails and you can also use the medium to sensitize subscribers of your special sale prices for the week and rewards that await them for subscribing to your list through your email.

#3: Organize and Invite Subscribers to Special Events

Use the opportunity of the National Business week to get acquainted with your audience by organizing a “friends and family event with a lot of side attractions such as refreshments, raffle draws, discount, goodie bags or giveaways. Make your mail invitation attractive by describing the benefits of attending.

#4: Appreciate Your Subscribers

One key factor to business success and growth is customer appreciation. A recent study shows that 68% of businesses lose customers due to inadequate value placement on customers. During this business week, you may seize the opportunity to sensitize as well as appreciate your subscribers. A simple thank you can go a long way. Also, you could add a discount code to the appreciation note.

#5: Use Event HashTags

Using hashtags of the Business event to your social handles can create sensitization to show your followers that you are participating in the programs of the week. Share photos and tags of celebrities attending the event. Use your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handle to promote this because a lot of subscribers would easily see this update and be drawn to your attached information to your benefit.