Movavi Video Converter Is Your Tool To Resize & Convert Videos

Do you have to play a new HD movie from your laptop to tablet or smartphone? Well, in that case, you might have to resize the movie file. The aspect ratio of HD video for your laptop will be bigger and won’t suit the small screen of a laptop or mobile phone. In that case, you would need to resize, reduce the file size. Besides, if your laptop and phone/tablet don’t run on the same operating system, you might have to convert the file as well. You would need a high quality video resizer here. According to experts, Movavi Video Converter assures best possible credible video resizing & conversion.

How to resize & convert videos with Movavi Video Converter

Step 1

Download & install Movavi Video Converter into your system

Step 2

Open up the program window & add your HD movie/video file to it.

Step 3

Choose the desired conversion format.

Step 4

Look for “Output format” & click on cogwheel tab adjacent to it.

Step 5

Enter rate of resolution for the final video & select the needed resize method. There are 4 automatic resizing presets here- “Up to Size”, “Smart Fit”, “ ½ of actual size” & “1/4th of original size”. You also have four various resize methods to choose from- Letter Box, Stretch, Crop and Auto.

Step 6

Click on “Convert” tab to start compression.

Other important features of Movavi Video Converter-


No loss of quality

One of the best parts about Movavi Video Converter is that it assures no serious loss of quality during resize and conversion.

Super speedy conversion

The Movavi product is engineered to produce a super speedy conversion which is extremely faster than other converter programs in the market.

Editing facilities

Movavi Video Converter will even allow the users to edit the original video for more enhanced video quality. You can trim or add some clips from or to the actual video. You can even adjust sound quality.

Supports all major video formats

Another great part about Movavi Video Converter is that is it is designed to support all major video formats. As a Movavi user, you can thus resize and convert video for all operating systems.

Tips for users

When it comes to altering frame proportions of the video, set the desired size manually.

Go to Frame Size and select Custom.

Put the desired values in Height & Width fields. Besides, you will also find a menu on standard resolutions. You can choose from there as well.

Now, alterations might lead to issues like pixilation effect or unwanted stretch of the video file. Black bars (surrounding the frame) are another problem. You must be proper with the parameters of resize method & resize quality to avoid those problems.