Mobile Security: Things That You Need To Know About Norton Mobile Security

In today’s age of technology, installing a mobile security app on your mobile phone is a must. There’s a lot of Mobile security apps and software that you can find online. However, there are only a few that can provide the best protection, such as Norton Mobile Security. Here the lists of things you need to know about Norton Mobile Security.

Norton Mobile Security

You might already be familiar with mobile security apps. That protects mobile phones from outside threats such as viruses, spams, and other suspicious malware that you might encounter while online. Norton Mobile Security is one of those mobile security apps that offers top of the line security for any mobile phones in the market right now.

The excellent thing about Norton Mobile Security is that it not just protects your phone from viruses and other outside threats. It also blocks and protects your mobile phone from any type of malicious and unwanted apps. At the same time, it also minimizes theft to your important credentials inside your mobile phone.

As of now, Norton Mobile Security is the most advanced and secure mobile security for all Android phones in the world. The same goes for iOS mobile phones, which you can just easily download in the App Store. With more than a decade of experience, Norton has proven itself to everyone that they have the best antivirus for any type of gadgets and computers.

Norton’s Brief Background

Mobile Security and Antivirus Apps started because people need to protect their gadgets from viruses and unknown threats that might cause problems to their systems and information. With that, Norton made its name and climbed the ladder to the top by providing the best products and services to people, especially in the antivirus industry.

Norton Internet and Mobile Security was developed by a famous American company called Symantec Corporation that is located in Tempe, Arizona, United States. Symantec Corporation is a company that offers top of the line cybersecurity software. This just means that Norton is indeed not just your typical antivirus and mobile security software.

Norton’s Mobile Protection

Mobile phones, tablets, and other hand-held gadgets are fast rising due to technology. People need more technologies that provide a quicker and better way of living for them. Because of that, cybercriminals are also taking advantage of and improving their stealing of everyone’s important information.

To prevent this from happening, Norton made a software called Norton 360. An all-in-one security suite offers online and offline security for your computer, mobile phone, tablets, and other gadgets that people usually use to connect to the internet.

Until then, Norton has been innovating and improving its service and product to provide the best computer and mobile phone security software. The good thing about Norton Mobile Security is that it is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. That means all types of mobile phones can use this mobile security app.

Knowing The Types Of Mobile Attacks

There are at least four types of mobile attacks that Norton Identified. That would be App attack, OS attack, communication-based attack, and malware-related attack. Either of these attacks is caused by outside threats that you didn’t realize by accessing unsecured sites and networks or received and opened emails containing some viruses.

When connected on the internet and surfing online, you can easily be hit by mobile attacks. This is why you do have the best protection for your mobile phone to secure your personal information from bad individuals who wanted to steal it.

Norton also provided easy and simple steps of protecting your mobile phone from outside threats. First, you need to create a password that is different from every account that you have online. Second, make use of a two-factor identification system. Lastly, you must be aware of any data or information that you receive, such as images, call logs, and internet data.

Norton Mobile Security Best Features

With Norton Mobile Security, you will have a lot of protection from outside threats. That you will not usually get from other Mobile Security brands in the market right now. Here are the best features you will have when installing Norton Mobile Security on your mobile phone.

Anti-Malware Blocker

For you to use your mobile phone’s full potential, you need to download different apps. The problem is that your mobile phone will also be more open to malware and viruses. The Anti-Malware Blocker will provide excellent protection to your mobile phone whenever you download or install apps from the Google Store and App Store.

Text And Call Blocking, Fraud and Spam Alerts

This feature will protect you from receiving unwanted text messages and unknown calls. The Spam and Fraud alert feature will also notify you if you received any spams and fraud information to your mobile phone.

Secure Browsing and Surfing Experience

Most of the time, when using a mobile phone, you’ll be surfing the internet; with that, Norton’s Mobile Security will block any type of threat that you will encounter. This feature is essential, especially if you’re often browsing the internet.

In A Nutshell 

With Norton Mobile Security, you will have peace of mind and not worrying that your personal information will be stolen from you. There’s still actually more features that you can have from Norton Mobile Security. If you want to know more about these features, you can just go directly to their website or click the link above.