Minimize the Chance of Accidents by Installing Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking system is now widely used by the business owners. The purpose of using the tracking system is to safeguard valuable assets that include both the driver and the vehicle. It not only prevents vehicle misuse or theft but also minimizes the chance of accidents and that means protection from injuries and mint condition of the cars for many years.

Vehicle Accident Statistics

The statistics regarding vehicle accidents in the USA is quite staggering. It is more alarming if you own a number of vehicles and these are operated by many drivers. Let us now see what the US Census Bureau have to say in this regard:

  • An average of six million car accidents happens every year in the USA.
  • Close to three million people suffer injury due to accidents every year.
  • 30% of crashes are caused by speeding cars.
  • Nearly 40% of car crashes are serious.
  • One-third of car accident related deaths is caused due to reckless driving.

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However, you can easily avoid becoming a part of that grim statistics by implementing a few smart steps.

Vehicle Tracking System – An Effective Way to Reduce Accidents

Use of vehicle tracking system effectively reduces the chance of car accidents. Some of the salient features that contribute to accident reduction are as follows:

  • Seat belt alerts
  • Speeding alerts
  • Hard accelerating alerts
  • Hard braking alerts
  • Timely notifications for maintenance
  • Two-way driver communication system

Vehicle tracking system makes the drivers act more responsibly as they know they are watched. It results into a lesser number of car collisions and severe injuries. Fleet managers can set up an alert system to receive notifications in the event of certain undesired activities. A collection of historic reports will tell you how on-road behaviour of your drivers has changed over time.

Proper upkeep ensures that the vehicles will last longer. The vehicle tracking system also includes the feature of maintenance alert, making it easier for the fleet manager to ensure that routine maintenance and required repairing are done properly.

Insurance companies are well aware of the intimate link between car tracking system and accident reduction. If you have installed a car tracking system, it is most likely that you have to pay lower premium to the auto insurer.

Result is Important

According to the survey and studies, car tracking system can effectively reduce 80% of the vehicle accident cases. This happens due to a remarkable shift to less speeding, more responsibility during driving and fewer cars suffering break-down. A significant increase in call response time was also recorded and a remarkable improvement on vehicle upkeep was noticed. The feature of detailed reporting allows the business owners to keep a tab on budget and save dollars.

GPS tracking software is a vehicle monitoring system and works well for both small and large corporate houses. Contact a GPS specialist to help you choose the right device for your fleet of cars.

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