Microchip vs Dog Tracker

Which tracking technology suits your pet better for your dog? A Microchip or a Dog Tracker? According to the studies, millions of pets are lost or stolen every year that means you should use a GPS tracker to track them.

Most of us know about location tracking apps and identification systems. Location tracking is not just only for Cars or Humans, but you should use it to save your beloved Pets.

Let’s jump into the topic, Microchip vs Dog Tracker. You should know what is a Microchip and what is a Dog Tracker. Let’s go.

What is a Microchip?

Microchips are smaller than your fingernail. It needs a power source to work. The information in microchips is stored in binary code. Microchips are mostly used by Biologists to track wild animals and learn more about their lifestyle and migration. Also, Microchips are widely used for credit cards for more secure payments.

It is also used in electronic devices such as computers, flash drives, etc. Your dogs with microchips are more likely to be returned to you safely.

What is Dog Tracker?

A GPS tracker in the dog lets you track your pet’s position and sends the info to the owner through an internet connection through the smartphone. Usually, a dedicated App is used to track your pet. It displays your pet’s location on a map.

What Are The Advantages Of Microchips?

What are the advantages of Microchips that used on a pet? Let’s check.

  • Pet microchips can be implanted by any veterinarian easily
  • Microchips for pets are inexpensive
  • No anesthetic is required to implement
  • If your dog is stolen, chip and its registration is a proof for your ownership

What Are The Advantages Of Dog Tracker?

  • A personal GPS tracker can be used for different purposes like to track your dog, track your kids or while you hike
  • A GPS tracker offers more than just mapping and real-time location
  • It is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof
  • Easy to track with real-time location, distance, and direction
  • Anyone can afford the cost of a GPS Tracker

Final Verdict

Let’s conclude this, Microchip vs Dog Tracker, which one is the best? Microchip and Dog Tracker, both work great at their level but we recommend to use a GPS Tracker because it comes with better features than a Microchip. Also, you can use a GPS Tracker for different purposes anytime.

Hope this article helps you to find the major difference between a Microchip and a GPS Tracker.