Methods of Choosing and Buying Watches

  1. Selection of Materials: Watchcase Should Vary from Person to Person

The common materials include K gold, gold plating, titanium, stainless steel, semi-steel chromium plating, alloy, etc. K gold is only used for high-end famous brand watches. Its selling price is high. If the budget is sufficient, you can consider it. However, for semi-steel chrome-plated watches, the case is easy to be corroded by sweat. It needs more attention to maintenance. Although the gold plating case is relatively beautiful, it is easy to wear without a certain gold plating thickness. If you want to choose a gold plating watch, the thickness of the coating should be above 10 microns. Titanium plating watches are relatively strong and wear-resistant. The color is not good-looking. At present, the two-color watch case strap is more popular. It is beautiful and durable and is a good choice.

For people who love sweating or sports, outdoor workers and people who have long been exposed to chemical acid and alkali substances, the watch with stainless steel case is suitable. Steel watches are divided into hollow core and solid core. Hollow-core watchbands are lighter and will be used by lower-end watches. The solid watchband is thick and durable.

There are nails and buckles between watchbands. They are the most problematic parts when wearing watches. You must check them carefully when buying watches. Some clasps are opened and closed. It is easy to cause problems. Such as “butterfly” clasps, which should be carefully considered before buying watches.

  1. Listening to the Sounds.

Experienced watch repairers in the early years always stick their watches to their ears. They listen to the changes in the sound of the watches. They speculate on whether the watches are good or not. A trained watchmaker can recognize the oscillation frequency of the balance wheel of the watch and even whether it is a “coarse horse watch”.

The simplest understanding of the meaning of listening to the sound of a watch is actually to listen to the change of its running sound after the watch changes its position. Watches with faults or damaged parts will change their operating sound obviously with the change of position. Some will change periodically, with the sound increasing and decreasing. Generally speaking, listening to the sound of the watch can only detect whether the watch is faulty. It cannot be completely used to evaluate the quality of the watch.

For the average person, it takes experience to listen to the sound of the watch to judge whether there is a problem with the watch. It is better to have a good watch for comparison when listening to the watch. Watches with different structural sizes have different sounds. Men’s watches have louder sounds and women’s watches have much lower sounds. However, when listening to the position of the watch, you should choose the common position when wearing it.

  1. Choose a Place to Buy a Watch

Although Switzerland has many watch brands, it is also possible to buy Watch in UK in Europe. Because there are also some watch brands with high cost performance in UK that deserve attention and purchase.