Manage Cloud-Based Applications With Single Sign-On Solution

Cloud has become the new face of corporate organizational life. It is the new standard practice for almost every industry in every sector. And managing these cloud applications is the new job for IT teams.

To keep things automated and manage cloud applications effectively, secure access and authentication to these applications are must. Doing so, helps you in managing users accounts, creating easy provisioning, deleting the user account (if needed), and also in providing correct access to the correct user.

This creates an ease for your admin profile. But what are you doing for your end users? Are they feeling secure, are they getting easy authentication?

Imagine the situation of users who have number of applications to access on the daily basis. For this, they have to create new credentials for each application within your organization’s corporate structure and then login every time.

A very complex process, isn’t it? Okay, let’s makes it easy. There are many technologies available that help in managing these applications and provide easy access to the users.

Single sign-on solution (SSO) is one such technology to handle cloud-based applications. The solution enables end users to access multiple applications or services using only one set of credentials within an organization.

For smartphones or tablets users opening a new tab and entering credentials on each is very frustrating and time-consuming job. With SSO solution, they can access any service they want from anywhere or without having to be inconvenienced.

Why is it used?

Well, this is a good question. Blindly accepting any technology leads to called yourself a fool. You must be aware of what and why you should accept it.

Using single sign-on solution has many benefits, some of them are:


Convenience for both end users and business. For end users, they don’t need to create and enter credentials over and over. By logging to any of the services, they get access to other related services. And for businesses, the solution helps in managing identities in a very easy way.

Saves money

Who doesn’t wants to save money? Minimum investment and maximum profit is something that every business needs. The SSO solution reduces the number of passwords. Fewer passwords mean fewer support calls related to password loss. That means less investment on IT support team or support help-desk.

Boost productivity

When users have to enter passwords for each application, they have to waste lots of their time. Now with SSO, they have only one password. This saves their time and gives a chance to focus more on the content. This helps in improving productivity by boosting their experience.

So, with a single click of the mouse, it allows users and employees to access their systems and applications they need. It also keeps organizations happy by ensuring security. Because of its effectiveness, the solution is already accepted by many organizations varying from small scale to large enterprises and many more are in the process of implementing it. Deploy the solution as soon as possible and give your users some reasons to smile.