LED Boat Lights Are Quickly Becoming the Favorite with Boaters Everywhere

When you are getting your boat ready to recommission for the summer boating season, you might have discovered that your navigation lights have all burned out. Or you might have decided that your engine room does not have the amount of light you need to work in that area.

LED or light-emitted diodes

Now might be the perfect time for you to swap the standard bulb with the light-emitting diodes or LED lights. This is the perfect time as these LED lights will:

  • Shine their brightest all the time;
  • Won’t drain your power source;
  • Never get hot;
  • Avoid you having to change bulbs every spring;
  • Are the most recommended for boating lights.

Passes all tests

They also can be made to emit an assortment of colors because they are not just bulbs but electronic devices. New technology has made them much more efficient than they ever were. They are not going to go out on you when you are fishing or boating at night and you need all your lights to be working. They are also sealed from corrosion and moisture. Honestly you will not have to worry about these lights no matter what you are doing with your boat.


Won’t drain battery

A boat LED light is tested on the amount of current it will take from a fully charged battery that is 12 volt. On average, all the LED lights tested drew 90% less power than the regular incandescent bulbs. This means that these lights will last for many boating seasons before they need to be replaced.

Much brighter

To measure the amount of lux/lumens, LED lights were tested using a light meter and converted to candelas in order to confirm that the light emission with LED lights meets minimum standards. LED lights were considerably brighter and they stay that way for the life span of the light.

Electronic devices

LEDs are actually electronic devices and because of that are subject to rules that limit interference with radio waves. When tested in contact with a VHF radio and an AM transistor radio antenna, there was absolutely no interference detected.

Other tests

These lights have also been tested using corrosion-resistant tinned wire and they also survived any dunk test even while fully illuminated.

LED lights did so well when tested one can understand why LED lights are becoming the favorite lights for boaters everywhere.