Learn Some Creative Ways to Market Your Startup on a Tight Budget

If you want to build a buzz around your startup and you don’t want to spend a lot of money in order to get great marketing results, you should know that you don’t have to break the bank. It’s possible to make a lot of headway by utilizing creative marketing methods which are affordable or even free.

Today, with a mind to empowering you as an entrepreneur, we’re going to share some creative and cost-effective marketing tips which are just right for startups!


Seek Out Engagement Online

You may feel compelled to do “hard sell” as you attempt to push your startup on consumers. This isn’t always the best approach. To begin marketing successfully, we recommend making engagement your primary goal. While pushing your brand has its place when you’re launching a startup, it’s more important to make a new company relevant and to get involved with online chats which aren’t centered on your business.

For this reason, social media interactions should be done with tact and care. These interactions should be about engaging with your particular demographic, without looking like you’re doing off-putting “hard sell”. For example, you might want to leave complimentary comments on other people’s posted pics or re-post interesting content which relates to your niche, without being your own content.

You will create a sense of trust when you do this type of engagement. You’ll be showing support for others and for the community (online and local).


Consider Posting E-coupons Online

Another strategy is to create interest in your new brand by offering new customers deals on what you sell, whether it’s good, services or both. For example, a coupon which offers just ten percent off is often enough to spark a sale! E-coupons are very popular. They contain digital codes which may be added to checkout areas, so they are simple to use and most people are familiar with them. Taking a ten percent hit or something like that won’t affect your bottom line too much, so this is an affordable way to create a loyal customer base in no time flat.

Run Contests Via Social Media

Rafflecopter is a popular online interface which allows people to run contests online. This interface is one of many of its type. However, it’s popular because it creates contests which require social media participation. The price of giving away a prize is modest compared to the benefits of having participants sharing information about the contest and your company all over their social media accounts. This kind of exposure often creates a real ripple effect! It’s generally a lot cheaper than paying for advertising which offers the same type of payoff.

Consider Paid Facebook Ads

Paid ads have their place. If you have a little money to invest in these types of ads, you should consider Facebook paid ads. People are hooked on Facebook to an unbelievable extent and getting information about your new company to them via the ads that they see in their feeds every day and night will probably lead to sales. At the least, it will build your brand. You may set a budget and choose to target your key demographic or demographics.

Now that you know some creative ways to market your startup on a tight budget, you’ll be ready to achieve your potential as an entrepreneur.