Know The Procedures Involved To Convert ODT to PDF

In general, while working in a particular workplace, it is always best to have an alternative method to execute the work in a perfect manner. In order to work in Microsoft office effectively, the free alternative and the most famous process are OpenOffice. The OpenOffice consists of an enormous number of most useful programs which are very much useful in creating text documents with the writer, spreadsheets with calc and presentations with draw.

Basically, the formats of OpenOffice are having different kinds of file extensions which are comparable to office files in function and purpose. It is also to be noted that those file extensions are having the possibility to generate certain compatibility issues. Let us consider an example: – generally, OpenOffice which consists of a file with an extension of .odt, then it could not able to open by all. In order to overcome this process, the best solution is to convert odt to pdf.

Procedure to convert ODT to PDF:

Here, in this article, you can find how to convert odt to pdf

  • Initially, you have to open the file which is in .odt extension for the process of converting it into PDF.
  • From the file menu available on the field, you have to choose the export as PDF
  • After the above-mentioned procedure, you have to choose your suitable options in order to convert odt to pdf. The options which you can choose are,
  • Basic options available for page range, PDF elements, and compression and you choose it for your purpose.
  • For magnification, page layout settings and saving default pane, initial view options are available.
  • For simple navigation settings, user interface options are available.
  • While handling with links, certain link options are available to specify the behavior of your file.
  • In order to secure the file, there is an enormous number of security options are provided.
  • Finally, with the list of PDF options, you can select most suitable one and click Export.
  • There will be a dialog box appear and in that, you have to enter the name of the file and location for the PDF to be saved. You have to check whether the saving mode is in .pdf format. Finally, click on save to complete the process.

So, it is proved that converting odt to pdf has an enormous number of benefits like quick, easy and free.