Kinds of Business Telephone Systems You Need To Know


India has slowly become a start-up nation. There are way too many businesses or startups opening every day. Even the government is slowly understanding the importance of these start-ups as they help the country to develop. So, with the opening of such start-ups, one also needs a good business telephone system in order to take care of its business calls. It is not easy to manage such wide variety of calls that one receives when doing business. An ordinary telephone system cannot do this. One needs to have a good business telephone system for this. Business telephone systems are the multiline telephone systems which are well suited for business and can encompass systems ranging from small to large scale business


These business telephone systems are a must for a start up to posses. Hence, they are quite in demand and are available in various varieties –

  • Ayaya Phone System Dubai – This is a PBX System and works great for today’s business scenario. It integrates the calls, conferencing, messaging, etc into a single system. This business phone system is ideal for those wanting a budget-friendly telephone system.
  • Grandstream Telephone Systems – It’s PBX IP Phones powered system comes with various facilities of fax, voice, video, security solutions. It is the best business telephone system in the market.
  • Cisco Phone System – These PBX System phones are user-friendly. They handle the calls and messages very efficiently.
  • Panasonic Phone System – The Panasonic PBX System are very versatile. They are well designed and support the DECT phone connectivity.
  • NEC Phone System – They are very well innovated. Their desktop phones prove to be very useful to the employee. They also alter the business of their users.
  • Yeastar IP PBX Telephone System – They are ideal for small to medium business. Several free functions come with us and hence, prove to be very useful to the users.
  • DLink IP Phone System – This is quite trustworthy. It offers functions like IVR, Voice Mail, and Fax to email, etc. The system fits best for the modern world as it also has its own mobile app which assists the users.
  • SIP IP Phones – One can utilize these by working with an IP PBX System which supports SIP Procedure.


Business Telephone Systems are seeing a surge in their market due to various start-ups opening all around the world. These come in various kinds and users can buy them according to their requirements. The above-mentioned systems are one of the best in the market and hence, one should choose from them.