Is Ultra HD TV Worth Your Money? Know What Makes It Much Better Than A HD TV!

These days, many people are wondering if an ultra HD TV is whether a worthwhile investment especially after the UHD announcements emerging from the most major brands like Sony. Ultra HD TVs are even referred to as 4K TVs that promises to deliver amazing picture detail beyond what you can get from a traditional high definition model.

4K has just sufficient pixels to fill up your four complete HD 1080p screens. With such detailed clarity, it is capable of displaying four times the detail level. The following guide about this promising technology will make you realize why you need to bring 4K TV in your home and experience entertainment like never before!

Basics on UHD or 4K you need to know

In simple words, 4K just means clearer picture. Since it has more pixels, it is able to create crisper images and shows more details as compared to the standard HD.

Since images are generally about 4,000 pixels wide, it is called 4K. While the 1080 resolution is named after the image height, 4K image is named after image width. These extra pixels hold great importance. After all, more pixels leads to more information that in turn leads to much sharper pictures!

Does 4K TV make 1080p movies look much better?

The ordinary high definition content looks much better on 4K TV. There will still be inevitable performance variations in UHD TVs especially in area of image processing.

As compared to images on 1080p TV, the same material if converted to 4k offers most of advantages along with extra detail. When the content is displayed on 4K screen, even finest details in HD images were resolved in a much better way with the edges less jagged and smoother. Comparing to HD versions, you are sure to get less coarse and smoother image and much better detail than you can experience on ordinary HD TV.

UHD videos are more attractive and detailed

The quality of image of the movies generally depends on kind of the film stock that is used that can ultimately affect the picture detail. While the film based content may look exceptional, the theatrical movies may not be the best choice for presenting UHD’s or 4K’s image quality potential.

The quality of graphics and opening title sequences are just fabulous on 4K as compared to HD quality. The details of the text that is rendered in UHD were more razor-sharp and to a level that cannot be even achieved with the 1080p. You are surely going to experience something special and new.

With such high quality content, UHD image quality is just stunning that reveals a unique depth of detail as well as texture. The colours are more vibrantly seen having intensity that looks so real. 4K videos are real showcase for the content that UHD can deliver along with much better and cleaner detail.

Who wouldn’t like to view sharper pictures and get more engaged while watching their favourite TV show or movie? So, embrace the future and bring UHD TV by one of the best brands like Xiaomi now!