Is outsourcing blog content good for your blog?

If you have been thinking about creating a wordpress blog, congratulations! Having an entrepreneurial urge, but wanting to start it out without taking on too many additional expenses, is a great way to get your feet wet without getting in over your head. You can start a blog in a few minutes, and get it going in a hurry. And there are two great ways to build up your popularity in a hurry: by providing great content on your own blog (to keep people coming back to it to see what you have to say), and by providing great guest posts on other people’s blogs.

The Problem

But a lot of people are either not especially strong writers, do not have the time to do the research and/or actual writing of the posts, or are simply not as good as they could be in the language in which the blog is being written. In the cases of people like that, it can be a great idea to outsource the actual writing of their various blog entries. While it might not seem right, it is actually a very common practice, as a lot of the people who blog for a living are actually specialists on the back end of things.


For instance, if you go to a site such as oDesk, people are always outsourcing the writing of their blogs. A great many of the smaller blogs out there are actually written by someone else, and then posted by the blog owners after they have reviewed the style and quality. While it is a rare blogger indeed who allows someone to post without any oversight at all, if you have a great writer on your (virtual) team, it is possible to reach a point where what you want and what they provide are closely linked enough that such a thing is possible.

Getting Started

Now, before you start hunting out a great writer thinking that this is all you need to make your blog a success, keep in mind that you still have to do some hustling of your own. If you want to justify paying your writer what they are worth, you have got to get oodles of traffic to your site. The two best ways of doing this are to write a physical book (and promote it until it sells well) and to guest post on as many relevant sites as you possibly can. The writer you outsource to might also be able to write these posts, your book and the e-mails you send out to various web site and blog owners.


The most important thing to remember when you outsource your blog is that just because you outsource does not mean you can act like this is some kind of infomercial. It will not instantly let you lay by the pool all day, while your tireless minions do your bidding. Even when you have an iron clad team of high quality professionals on your side, your work as a blogger is nowhere near done.

Progress is the king!