Is it Safe to Download Torrents with a VPN?

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While not everything that can be downloaded from a torrent site is considered illegal (with regards to copyright laws), you can bet that a good portion of them are. Movies, music and software are just some of the things that can be downloaded from these sites that are being shared by other users that are sharing the files.

The sharing of many of these files is breaking copyright laws as normally those getting them for free would have to pay for them to be able to watch, listen or use.

Now, we are not suggesting that anybody should downloads torrents one little bit but it would be fair to say that millions of people all over the world are guilty of downloading at least something illegally from sites such as torrent9 torrent in the past.

Can I Get in Trouble for Downloading Torrents?

This really depends on the country that you live in and the types of laws that they might have on the matter. Many countries focus more on trying to shut down the sites that are allowing people to share these files or the most serious offenders on these sites that are sharing massive amounts of files for others to download.

However, this does not exactly make it right that you are downloading them for yourself. In fact, some countries are starting to crack down on even casual downloaders by having ISPs let them know who exactly is downloading these files.

Am I Safer if I Use a VPN

Yes, simply because a VPN allows you to download torrent files anonymously with all of the data also being better protected too as it is all encrypted. This means that nobody will know you are downloading torrents from torrent9 via VPN, just that somebody using the IP address given to you by that VPN.

If you are looking to find a good VPN to use, you will quickly find that there are plenty to choose from. Just ensure that you check out the reviews for them on other sites in order to get an impression of what other users think about them.