4 Wonderful Products That You Can Buy In Order To Increase The Productivity Of IBM I Applications

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IT companies come up with unique ways of attracting users in order to promote their business. However, not all ways are equally beneficial. So, if your business is lagging behind, one reason could be poor app management. When the apps aren’t used to their maximum capacity or aren’t properly maintained, the website can become buggy. And bugs hamper smooth navigation; thereby, driving the traffic away. So, if you’re suffering from such a loss and want to improve the productivity of your applications in order to expand your business, you’ve landed at the correct page. The guide given below will take you through a series of 4 products that can help in enhancing the performance of your IBM I apps. Have a look!


  1. X-Analysis Suite  


The X-Analysis suite by Fresche Solutions offers the benefit of automatic documentation of all the graphical documents in the operating system. In fact, it is the best product that can provide you the proper analysis of how a change in COBOL and RPG apps is impacting your business. You can use the data generated in order to decide what modern technology and interface are required for user engagement and company expansion.


  1. Newlook Suite


The newlook suite is actually 1 product that is a mixture of many products. All the products are assembled together in order to help synchronizing different IBM I applications with one and other in order to make the website look and work better. Besides, this product can be used by developers to create unique interfaces and designs by compiling different products in the suite. It results in the production of dynamic and unique UI’s even from existing apps.


  1. GUI, Web & Mobile Product


Technology keeps changing and evolving almost every day. Thus, IT companies are under constant pressure of keeping up with modern interfaces in order to maintain traffic. Which is when the graphical user icons and visual indicators on mobile apps as well as web applications come to the rescue. Display of graphics attract more users and smoother the navigable between different apps, better is the user experience.


  1. Reporting & Document Distribution Product


This product is so beneficial because of the following reasons.


  • It makes real-time document sharing between different departments easy
  • It allows sharing and reporting from a remote location too
  • It keeps people from all the departments working on the same product equally informed about the progress
  • It runs on all computer devices – phones, tabs, as well as laptops and desktops