Improve Your Ranking With Link Shortener

Are you worried about your search engine rankings? Not sure how to move upwards and outrank your competitors? If you are one of those who get this doubt every now and then, you may need to look for alternative tools that can help you in this regard. In case you haven’t used already, give a shot to a good custom URL shortener and witness amazing results. Here is how link shortener can help you in the ranking improvement-

Social Media Engagement

Suppose you share each of your posts on about 50 social media sites daily without knowing which of them is performing better for you than others. In that case, you will keep making blind efforts and will not be able to make result oriented efforts. Instead of doing all this, you can simply convert your post URL into a short link with the help of a good branded URL shortener. After this, you can share this single link on various social media platforms. Once you do it, you can come back to the admin panel of the URL shortener and find a detailed analysis of social media engagement. You can even check the traffic that particular post received from different social media sites. Based on this data you can figure out which site is working for you better than all others.

You can prepare a separate report and include all those sites that are sending you the maximum traffic. Now, you can divert your full attention towards promoting content only on those sites. This activity will not only save your time but also give you better results in a short period.

Editing Links Post Publishing

You cannot edit the link after publishing a post and sharing it on various social media sites as it will result in link break. Unless you redirect your old link to the new link, you cannot get desired results. Doing this manual redirection takes a lot of time and efforts.

When using a good link shortener, you don’t need to take any such trouble. A tool like Capsulink gives you an option to change link structure multiple times. So, you can do experiments and see what works well and what not.

Keep in mind these points and use a good URL shortener to avail all these benefits.