Ideas for Creating User-Friendly Online Forms

The advantages that businesses can enjoy when they use modern technology have led many of them to integrate technology into their operations. In a world of Big Data, businesses have been forced to find effective ways of collecting and sharing business data. Innovators, on the other hand, have continuously striven to develop solutions that will help businesses to address various challenges. Both employees and customers of a business, offering significant advantages over paper forms, can use online database forms. Although you can use form design software to create the forms, user-friendly forms require that you have certain sets of skills.

Consider these two factors

As much as you will not have to worry about paper usage when creating online forms, it is important to consider two critical factors. Think about whether the field you intend to include is valuable to your business. You should also consider if the information is so important as to deny the user access to other parts of the form. If you establish that the field will not have any direct benefit, it may be better to omit it altogether. 

Consistent and brand-relevant form designs

In case you include different forms on your website, you should ensure that the designs on each of the forms remain relevant to your brand. This may include your company logo and brand colors. By ensuring consistent branding on the various online forms, you will not only increase brand awareness but also help the users feel that they are in the right place. This will improve your chances of getting the information you need from the users. 

Make sure everything makes sense

One of the ways through which you can ensure that users fill in the required information is by adding labels and fields that make sense. For instance, it should be clear what each field is asking for, the format in which the information should be entered as well as instructions on whether the information is mandatory. The blanks should also be sized based on the information that is supposed to be entered. 

Be polite

When creating an online form, you should anticipate that users will make mistakes when filling in the blanks. Rather than getting a rude response when they do not enter the information as required, the message errors should be polite. For users who complete the form successfully, there should be a message confirming the successful submission of the form. You can also thank them for their participation.

Be strategic with whitespace

As much as you will be asking for information, it is important to make strategic use of whitespace. By leaving spaces between fields, your form will be clean, less confusing and make the process easier for users.

While database forms design software will help you create quality online forms, using these ideas will ensure that your forms are user-friendly. In the long run, you will be in a better position to collect the business data you want to use.