Human connection: The missing link in today’s media relations

Bitter truth about today’s media relations:

Media relation is the process of working with media personnel for spreading the information of the organization. The information can be about the organization’s product, mission, vision, agenda or policy. The purpose of spreading information is to gain public interest for organizational well-being. In this era of technological advancements, we make media relations. We are all extremely busy these days. We don’t have time to increase a real time social connections but, we are all-time available on social media applications. Human connection is restricted till these applications. Unfortunately, we avoid meeting with the others and prefer to connect through social media. Same thing happens when we build media relations. We try to connect online and avoid real time meetings. This is the gap we need to fill.

Smart strategies to tackle the missing link in today’s media relations:

Although, email and social media connections are trending way of public relations, often it feels impersonal specifically when the other person is not in your routine contact. How do you feel when you send many emails to a journalist and receive no response?

You will definitely feel dishearten. Right? To solve this problem, let’s discuss some smart strategies to tackle the missing link in today’s media relations:

v Try to meet offline:

Real time meetings are proved more fruitful then online conferences. When you meet the media personnel face to face, you can create better impression on the other person. Try to know the reporter/journalist as a real person. By doing so, you email will not be lost in the over-crowded mailbox of the reporter and he will respond better. In this way, your email will become at the top of list and will not be lost or missed. Says Akshat Thapa from

v Discover the interests of media personnel:

Before approaching the reporter, it is important to know their interests and preferences. Get to know them as much as possible. Research their career and professional interests by looking their career profiles, search them on social media and look study their social media profiles, read their written articles and featured publications to know them better. This step will help to predict how the media personnel can fit well in your organization’s concerns. Says Joshua from

v Make a plan to meet one-on-one:

Impersonal and informal meetings are essential to build up long lasting relationship. No matter where you are, try to meet your relevant media personnel in person. For example, when you send them email, invite them in a café or attend tradeshows and special events to put an impression. This act reflects your seriousness about your profession and consequently, your organizational prosperity can be enhanced. So, it is essential to make a plan to meet one-on-one with the concerned media personnel.

v Arrange spokesperson meetings:

If you think that that your organization will need a spokesperson available for an interview or for comment or a sudden situation arise that may need such meetings, invite the spokesperson as well as the reporter to attend the meeting.  This is another smart strategy to tackle the missing link in today’s media relations. This will surely help to fill the gap in human connections.

v Stay in touch:

It is good for you and your organization to stay in touch even after the journalist have written an article about your brand. It is morally and professionally fruitful to stay connected with the media personnel. The media relations should never be limited till sending emails and receiving replies. It should have long term goals. You can also hire top best press release services to send out your news. Another important thing is, to stay in touch with media personnel can help your organization to attract other reporters as well. This will be proved good for the organizational prosperity and the brand popularity.