How Is Changing the Bus Fleet Booking & Management Industry

Today, if you work in any of the following industries: scheduled tours, ferries, taxis, yacht charters, air charter, or coach hire, minibus hire, and more, managing your customers’ bookings will no longer be a hassle – once you get introduced to It is a leading transport management end to end booking system. Let’s find out how it is becoming a game changer in the bus fleet booking and management industry.3


Never heard of It is a comprehensive booking system that went live in 2016. allows its users to manage everything from payments, finance, driver allocation, general enquiries, and more, through highly secure cloud computing technologies. Since its inception, it has already been recognized by three independent award bodies: Seedstars World, Bangkok; Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner; and Digital Ventures.

Understanding how Digitalization Affects the Transport Booking and Management Industry

Businesses need to keep up with times and integrate digital technologies into everyday life if they want to continue thriving in the competitive transport marketplace. As a transport provider, having a website and making sure that it can be accessed from mobile devices has never been more important. Research has shown that transport companies that allow potential clients to book online and/or get a free quotation, had a fairly higher lead-to-booking ratio than other sites that just had a standard contact form.

If you think making a considerable investment into a website booking system is the only solution you need, the answer is no. You need to make sure your website booking system is easy to use from the get-go. If things are the opposite, you could risk having potential clients leaving your website before they complete the quotation form. If that happens, it would be an absolute disaster. helps Bus Fleet Businesses Streamline their Operations

When it comes to creating quotation forms, there is no cookie-cutter method. You have to know which fields tend to cause visitors to drop out; eliminating unnecessary fields is a matter of the utmost importance. You can rest assured that creating the perfect quotation form is nothing like rocket science. Systems like are fully customizable. You can include or not include whichever fields you prefer.

A Diamond in the Rough

In the transport booking and management industry, automation is the name of the game. It is essential for business owners to use the latest technology to make life easier for their clients. However, the market for booking system providers is pretty saturated. That’s why you need to be extremely careful about which providers you use. For starters, a company that has been around longer does not mean it is the one.

After checking out some reviews about, I can say that I am pretty impressed. It has a consistent track of record of producing results for its users. For example, online enquiries increased by over 200% in just days. All in all, I’d say that future proofing your transport business is a necessity, even if it sounds daunting at first. Is the right system that supercharges your transport business and maintain 100% customer satisfaction? You may have to try it out yourself to find out. It’s your call!