How to use a sales force automation tool for better results

Take a look at your sales team. Do they seem overwhelmed with all the tasks they have to do daily? Your leads are pouring up, the number of your customers grows, but your sales team might have difficulties in keeping up with everything. Well, you should know that this is not the type of problem you can ignore, you should make sure that you offer some help to your employees as soon as possible, because they will be overwhelmed, and they may leave your company. However, there are so many sales and marketing tools available online, you can use one of them to improve the effectiveness of your company and to help you employees. One such software is the sales force automation tool that will help you automate the sales process. In this way, your sales team will have more time to check the prospects who want to buy, and will not have to follow anymore the cold leads.

What is Sales Force Automation?

If you invest in a sales automation tool as the one provided by bpm’online, then you will benefit from using an integrated system that will automate the sales tasks and processes and will help you track the interactions your company has with your clients. In addition, the system will analyze the forecasts and the sales performance. The majority of providers offer their software with a web accessible database, tracing system, email application and sales email templates. The majority of sales force automation tools have features as:

  • Customer contact records
  • Salesperson goals and tasks tracking
  • Appointment tracking and scheduling
  • Leads assignment and scoring
  • Workflow management

Get started with the sales force automation system

When you opt for a sales force automation tool, as the one from you benefit from a software supported solution, but you have to make sure that your business is ready to be taken by an automated system. So you have to create a solid plan on how to make the change. You should have a clear image of the sales process, because only in this way the system will be able to improve the effectiveness of your firm and to enhance your strategies. Here are some questions you should be able to answer in order to get the best results when using the CRM tool.

  • How do you expect to assign the leads to reps when using the system?
  • What tasks do you want to design based on the possible customers interest? Do you want to send them an email? Do you want the system to alert your sales team?
  • How do you want to decrease or increase the lead scores based on the interest of your clients?

Set up your sales automations system

When you set up the system, as the one offered by Zoho you should know for sure what you expect the tool to do. There are different tasks it can do, once a client accesses your website and states that they are interested in your services:

  • It can tag the lead with details on the submission (the demonstrated interest, the site page) so your employees will have no difficulties in understanding the needs and preferences of the client. With the help of the CRM system they will be able to contact the possible customers
  • It can automatically send your sales team an email to let them know that the clients are interested in a certain product and they submitted to find more information
  • It can assign active leads to your employees for follow-up
  • It can increase the lead’s score according to the click activity and on the email open
  • It can send an email to the client with the employee they can contact if they click a certain link