How To Transfer Videos Automatically Between Android And Mac

Thanks to social networking privilege, nowadays different types of videos are available online. Mostly we store all these videos on mobile and watch them at personal discretion.  But what if you want to change your mobile device?

If you have upgraded your mobile device from Android to Android or iOS to iOS, transferring videos from one similar device to another is easy, but if you want to transfer videos from(Android) Huawei data transfer Mac or vice versa, can it be done?  If this is the question that is troubling you from upgrading your device from Android to Mac, here go your answer!

Use Android file transfer program

If you want to transfer videos from Android to Mac book, you need to install android file transfer program and you need to configure your Android device in a way that the Mac book assumes the android phone as a removable drive with your computer.  You need to select Media device MTP type transfer before you transfer the videos. Once the files are copied on your android phone using the data cable you can paste the files into your Mac.

Use SyncMate for video transfer

You can install SyncMate, Huawei data transfer Mac app free of cost.  It will take few minutes time to transfer all videos from android to your Macbook for random streaming. It takes least time and here no data will get lost. It is a 3rd party app but it will help you in all data transfer from Android to Mac with fast turnaround time.

There are other utilities using SyncMate like contacts, calendar, and SMS transfer from Android to Mac Book, which can be enjoyed once you can download the app on your android mobile.

Use Google Drive or Dropbox

You can use Google Drive or cloud service of Dropbox for storing all your videos from your Android phone. You need to install Chrome on your Mac and log in the Dropbox account to access all videos. This is a reliable way to store all videos but without accessing your Dropbox account these videos may not be played on Macbook because some formats of videos may not be supported by MAC.

These are the best options for transferring videos from Android to Mac.  This is the way you can use android with a Mac without much technical knowledge about the configuration.