How To Send Emojis Like A Pro

We live in a modern and digital world. The form of communication has completely evolved and revolutionized. In this day and age, it is essential to move and act with haste. Emojis when paired with a reliable network operator like google fi,  are best for when you need to send a message in a hurry. If you don’t know what is google fi, it is a phone carrier operated by Google which comes with a cool feature that allows phones to seamlessly switch between  T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular based on which of the three has the strongest service at any given time.

So now go on ahead and send emojis to your loved ones and show them that you care. We have gathered some of the most fun emoticons that would make anybody’s day.  Learn about them and how they are used appropriately, and pretty soon you will be sending emojis like a pro.

High Five Emoji

Greeting your best friend with a high five emoji instantly uplifts the mood. It is a gesture of celebration and happiness. An exciting misconception about this emoji is that people initially thought it was a “prayer emoji.” It was recently updated and modified. They removed the yellow light behind the hands for a clear understanding. 

Call Me Hand Emoji

Call me, maybe? Nothing is more comforting than a phone call from your best friend. It tells you that he or she is just one phone call away. You’ll never know how a simple phone call can save your besties’ day!

Left and Right Facing Fists Emojis

Sending a fist bump emoji can mean a lot of things. This symbol can be a sign of respect or approval. It can also be one way of saying what’s up or keeping up the good work. Receiving this emoji from your best friend is just one way of reminding him or her of a good companion.

Facepalm Emoji

There are just days when your best friend adorably teases you, and it can get pretty annoying. The facepalm emoji is the way to express your frustration, embarrassment, or even disbelief. When awkward situations and moments come to rise, this emoticon is the way to go!

Handshake Emoji

The classic handshake of best friends never gets old. This emoji can both symbolize an agreement and a form of a simple greeting. It can also mean peace or a way of truce when a heated debate has occurred. Please send this to your best bud and let him or her know the secure connection you both share. 

Wrestlers Emoji

Whether you are challenging your best friend on a rematch or only inviting him or her for a fun day of sports, this emoji is perfect. You can also use the emoticon when you tease your best bud and express your playful side. The art of creative interpretation depends on you.

Clinking Glasses Emoji

This emoji is way too perfect for any grand celebration or any momentous occasion with your best friend. It is the best way to congratulate him or her for a job well done. It can also only mean that you want to enjoy and relax with a bottle of wine at home with your best friend. Go ahead and imagine toasting glasses and make more exciting memories.

Pinching Hand Emoji

Your best friend can sometimes be adorable. This pinching hand emoji can do the trick. When you can’t merely resist your besties’ charm, this emoticon lets you imagine that you are pinching their cute cheeks. This emoji is also a form of measurement, and you can also share this emoticon for fun inside jokes.

Heart Emojis

‘Tis the month of love and show your best friend some love. The heart emoji is the most used emoticon next to smileys. We all have got a lot of love and affection to offer. A classic love heart is the best representation of passion, deep connection, romance, friendship, and unconditional love.

The heart emojis have a variety of different colors as it adds character and has a different meaning for each color variant. The red heart is for classic romance. The yellow can mean you are bursting with energy, and the connection with mother earth and our environment is for green heart emojis. Blue hearts for royals and broken heart emojis express shattered expectations.

Clapping emoji

It represents two applauding hands.The clapping emoji can be used in situations wherein you find yourself amazed by a certain person,object or event online.

People Holding Hands Emoji

A real best friend will hold your hand and be there when you need them the most. This emoji is just a perfect representation of going on dates with your best friend. The emoticon reminds both of you that you are partners-in-crime and will always have each other’s back no matter what. 

Express what you feel with emojis 

Taking advantage and using emoticons to send positive messages to your loved ones can go a long way. Emojis can indeed be a substitute for words, especially when one is having a difficult time expressing emotions. Emojis add humor and fun to a simple message. Facial expressions and body language can all be shown in the virtual world, thanks to these awesome emoticons.