How to promote your online business using Facebook ads?

Have the traditional marketing techniques been outsmarted? You can bet your life on it, they have. Social media platforms are literally falling over each other with elegant and extraordinary marketing products to draw in your attention. Perhaps of these, the most advanced yet intuitive are Facebook ads, which you can either create yourself or with the help from a ppc marketing agency. Mark Zuckerberg hit a jackpot with these, so can you! Let’s explore how you can promote your business using Facebook ads.

What are Facebook ads?

Facebook has undergone an incredible transformation since 2004. Facebook has elevated its beauty and appeal and mesmerized the Millennials. Let’s crunch some simple numbers so we can put things into perspective. According to a ComScore report, Millennials are spending up to 2.5x more time on Facebook than its nearest competitor Snapchat. Instagram comes as a near third. A staggering 90+% of Millennials have a reach to the Facebook platforms. Even more interesting of this demographic, 97+% utilized mobile phones to access Facebook. The digital convergence seems to favor Facebook. And the brilliant minds at Facebook have noticed this. They have come up with metrics on how consumer target groups consume content data. This rapidly changing landscape can earn you top dollars if you knew exactly how to go about it. Now, we’ll not delve into algorithms! That kind of stuff can be overwhelming to someone who is just starting, but we’ll check out how you can employ Facebook ads to promote your online business.Image result for How to promote your online business using Facebook ads?

This is where the magic happens

Facebook ads are mind-boggling, trust me. They have all kinds of data on many kinds of demographics. From certain gender, a certain age, certain topics, certain things. It allows you to pinpoint your target market, the most powerful way imaginable.

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Facebook has a control panel of sorts for you to create and manage advertisements. These advertisements are arranged in such a way that they appear as a Newsfeed on the Facebook page. I am sure you have noticed the little ads and videos that appear on the sidebar as you scroll down your Facebook page? Yes, these are created by ads manager. They just don’t appear at random. The reason why you can be able to view them, your profile fits a certain demographic the advertiser was interested in. In short, the advertiser knows you want to buy their kind of product at some point. And so, they are pitching for their products as an option. And that is what you want to do. It’s really simple. You set up a fan page for your online business. Then create a post promoting your online business and publish. Once the post is live, at the bottom right you’ll click on “boost post”. Facebook will automatically generate an ad for you; all you need to do is choose your target audience and your budget on subsequent pages. The trick here is to choose your audience, objectively so that your ad is laser targeted. Also consider the added benefits of an enhanced budget spend, when paying for your ad.

Newsfeed ads

These are the little ads that appear on your scroll page. You can easily set them up in the ads manager. The content you could include is wide. The most important part is targeting. This is where people go wrong. Take time and evaluate your target group. What is their age, location or zip code, and Interests? The data Facebook has on us is mesmerizing! Utilize it. This way, your online business will reach a relevant target audience.


Another tool Facebook has up its sleeve and perhaps the most underrated but the most powerful. It allows you to send people to your website and track what they are doing on that site. You can be able to cite the weak areas you want to improve or promote further. It allows you to budget well so that your promotion is laser target including your expenditure. You can use this tool to create a pool of another powerful promotional tool, email marketing. As people click over from Facebook, set up your landing page in such a way that the first thing they leave is their contact. Your market clout grows exponentially.

Embrace Facebook ads when promoting your online business. It’s not only cost effective but appeals to the modern consumer, so you can’t go wrong.