How To Perform PC Maintenance With Ease

A machine is designed to work correctly at any time. But from time to time, you need specific maintenance tasks to keep it running like the first day and last longer. The same happens to our computer.

There are automatic maintenance tasks that the Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 itself is responsible for doing for you, but in general, there are actions that we must perform ourselves, which do not take many minutes but that we do not usually take into account because they are annoying and “we do not always have time”.

Monthly Maintenance Tasks Of The PC

We will start with the tasks that we should perform each month, regardless of whether we are on vacation, working or studying. If we don’t do them, nothing happens, our computer will not explode into a thousand pieces.

But spending a few minutes on these tasks (half an hour at most if you follow them all) will make your PC work better during the month.

  • Empty The Trash

It depends on the many files you delete, but it is desirable to empty the Trash once a month. More than anything because if you delete it before, you may miss a file that you deleted early, especially on your work PC.

Before emptying the Trash, it is worth looking at the content in case there is something that you will regret if you permanently delete it.

  • Remove Temporary And Caches

Well with the Windows tool called Disk Cleanup or with third-party tools such as Cleaner, once a month it is worth getting rid of remnants of programs and the system itself in the Dell PowerEdge T640.

These are temporary files and folders generated by installing or uninstalling programs and games or by the mere operation of Windows. Deleting them once a month will give us more disk space and will long lighten the system.

  • Defragment the Hard Drive

This advice is one of the oldest but not less practical. If your PC has a solid-state disk (SSD), it is not necessary, but the hard drives of a lifetime do, since due to the nature of the Windows file system, the files are usually dispersed in parts and, after all of the time, slows down its performance.

  • Review Startup Programs

There are programs that, when you install them, place various wizards or updates on the Windows startup list so that those programs open together with Windows.

Most are harmless, while useless, but if they accumulate too many, Windows startup that lasted 10 seconds may degenerate into 20 or more.