How to open cr2 file

You may have a situation when your friends dropped your photos in the “.cr2” format, and your program for viewing images for some reason does not open them. Or you reinstalled Windows and these files stopped opening.

About cr2 format

Its full name is Canon Raw Image File (abbreviated as RAW). This format was created by Canon to prevent loss of photo quality. Therefore, photographs are large in size.

But at the same time, the cr2 format also contains textual information about the image and the conditions in which it was made and when editing, you can very clearly, without loss of quality, change the brightness, contrast, white balance and other image properties

In fact, this is raw data that is obtained directly from the matrix of a Canon camera – in most cases it is not a professional camera (a regular SLR).

Naturally, cr2 can be converted to jpg, or any other graphic format that you need.

Programs for opening cr2

Canon usually provides tools for working with its format, but their programs are not very convenient. But this is not a problem, there are many programs that can easily open the cr2 format.

Programs for working with CR2:
1. FastStone Image Viewer – distributed free of charge and very convenient to use;
2. F-Spot is also a free software specially designed for opening images and working with them;
3. IrfanView – able to work with this format, provided the installation of an additional plug-in;
4. Adobe Photoshop CS – a well-known powerful photo work complex. The program is paid;
5. ACDSee Photo Manager is a paid program for opening editing and converting all the most well-known formats;
6. ACD Systems Canvas – shareware complex for working with vector and digital images.