How to monitor your internet speed

You can perform a speed test for your internet connection by choosing a specific career. For example; Vodafone speed test, PTCL speed, Etisalat speed test and many more but this will tell the speed for current time only. If you want to monitor your uploading and downloading speed so you may need an advanced software, Net Speed Monitor can help you with this. This is an app for Windows that will help you to have an eye on your internet connection.

How to set up Net Speed Monitor?

  1. At first, download it by Clicking Here. It is the direct link from Developer’s website.
  2. After you download it, it will ask you that you want to display the stats of your internet connection in the taskbar or not(You can choose “yes” because it is the easiest way to monitor the internet speed).
  3. After that, you will need to select the internet connection which you want to monitor. It will give you some options like Wired connection, Wireless connection or a USB connection. It will show you all the connections and you will need to select one from the list.
  4. After hitting the save you, it will start to show you the real-time process of your internet connection in the taskbar. You can track that in which time your connection slows down and ask about it to your provider. It will show you the uploading speed, downloading speed, and the usage of data monthly and daily.

Settings of Net Speed Monitor.

You can configure the settings according to your need. You may choose monthly, weekly or daily data to show. You can change the value of measuring data and much more from the settings tab.

Benefits of Net Speed Monitor.

  • Tracking of internet connection to see the downtime.
  • Scheduling the work according to internet speed.
  • Monthly Usage estimation.