How to Handle Your SEO Yourself

It is preferable to hire a SEO firm to take care of that portion of online marketing.  However, for a start up business, it might not be a viable option because though not awfully much, good SEO will still cost you quite a bit. So, for the SEO of a fledgling website, the job can be handled by even somebody very new to SEO.

Use keywords where it’s appropriate

You can use Google keyword planner and similar tools to research for keywords that are appropriate for your business. Look at your competitors and find out what keywords they are using. You might consider using long key phrases instead of phrases with two to three words. The competition for those long key phrases will be less. You can even ask your customers what keywords they would associate with your products.  Incorporating keywords in the content is a time honored web page optimization techniques. Use it in the title of the page, the body and anywhere else where it will naturally fit without compromising the quality of the content.Image result for How to Handle Your SEO Yourself

Make sure your content is outstanding

Link creation is absolutely essential; it is one of the most talked about web page optimization techniques. Remember that how many back links you get will depend a lot on the quality of your website content. Google doesn’t have much of a rule about how many words you should or shouldn’t right, their only condition is that the content be unique, valuable, and informative. If you can consistently maintain great quality, you will get links very easily. You can also ask bloggers to review your products and include a link to your website.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media marketing hardly costs anything. You can just open up profiles in Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. then keep adding content there, take time and build up a fan base.  This will not only increase traffic and sales it will also help boost your search ranking. You can even start a company blog. This is a great way to keep the content of your website fresh.