How To Create An SEO Friendly Website

After the back-to-back, sudden updates by Google, it has become essential to have a mobile-optimized, SEO friendly website from the outset. The significance of on-page SEO has turned out to be much more imperative than ever. This has merged the roles of IT companies, especially in UAE; most of these firms are a web design service provider and an SEO Company UAE at the same time. They have SEO experts, web designers, and developers working together to build a quality website that not just rank high, but are appealing too.

If you are a web designer or a business looking forward to having a professional SEO-optimized website, here are some of the tips to consider.

Focus on the user experience:

As search engines are getting smarter, the user experience is becoming more important. At present, it is important how people are reacting to your website. Therefore, optimizing your website for search engines, you should focus on having a website that is made for humans. They are, in the end, the ones who will be your paying customers.

If your website fails to entice your website visitors, they will bounce back to your competitors, affecting the SEO of your website and sales negatively. If your website visitors can’t get the information upfront on the website, they will leave your website, leading to higher bounce rates on your website.

Social Media Integration:

The reason why everyone is integrating the social media into their website is not just the increasing popularity of the social media platforms; search engines like it and give your website added value. Integrating the social media elements on your website helps you to increase your website ranking in the Google SERP. So, if you are making a website and want it to grab real interactions by your audience, do not forget to include the social media icons in your web design.

Optimize your images:

These days, search engine optimization is not just restricted to the text! Images are also optimized. Image optimization means you are providing a greater area to crawl for the Google spider. More time the spider will spend on crawling your website, the higher it will be ranked in the SERPs. To ensure that the images you use on the website are SEO-optimized, you need to consider and do a couple of things. Firstly, the image size should be under 30 – 100 KB and the resolution should be 72dpi. Images that are oversized will load slower that is bad for your website’s SEO. This is why it is recommended to consider the image size of your website.

Consider keywords placement:

Keywords are the essence of your SEO! Carefully make a list of the most effective keywords for your website. Once you have created a list on which you want that website to rank on, you need to place your content judiciously in the web content. You can arrange your keyword into the body, H1 tags, title tag, website slogans, Meta data, navigations and so on.