How to connect the projector to a laptop

Connecting the projector Indonesia with a laptop is not difficult. It is quite have to take a start with some attention. Sometimes every setup is not exact. In this article, I will teach you that, how a projector can be connected to a laptop.

So here we go!


HDMI, DVI, or VGA  are the three types of cables with the help of these cables you will connect laptop or desktop computer with a projector. From these three cables, VGA cable is the most common cable for the connecting projectors with the laptop. The VGA cable has two types, S-VGA and S-VIDEO. These two cables provide you with more options for connecting a projector with the computer (read more about outdoor projectors).

A projector is used for the education system, many schools, colleges, and universities are using the projectors for the multimedia study system in their auditorium. Multinational companies used the projector in their meetings for their presentations and extra. Sometimes people prefer a projector on the big screen than television for the more entertainment & and high quality.


Although to connecting a projector with the laptop or the desktop is not much robust, for the safety, you should keep these below points in your mind.

  • Position your projector in the right way as the audience can see the picture.
  • Keep a sense of using connecting cable that what type of connection you are using and place the right cable in right switch.
  • Many times and electricity problem has also been occurring make sure the location where you are going to use projector there is the availability of electric power.


With the help of this procedure, you will able to connect a projector with your laptop or PC as well so, come on! Take a look at following steps:

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At first, analyze the video output of your laptop. If it provides regular output video then, you have to use VGA (video graphics array), and for the high definition, output video quality goes with the HDMI  (high definition multimedia interface) cable.


Check the input cable type of given projector. If the projector is going to use for the presentation the, VGA and HDMI are the standards and best choices.

Although HDMI cable is an expensive type of connective cable for the LCD or Plasma television and S_video inputs are common. Nowadays HDMI inputs are coming in the current TVs and LED  type displays.


Connect the projector with the laptop by given connective cable and turn on the projector


Now press the F, and Fn buttons answered to the remote control display on the laptop together. If you are a computer user, then you have already an idea about the F1 key. This function key is used for a graphics display on the television or laptop screen.


Again press Fn and F1 to see the laptop screen on the projector display. They both will be showing the same screen.


When you have done your presentation or movie, then press F1 and Fn buttons again to quit forward the display of the laptop to the remote terminal. After that, detach the projector from laptop to complete your purpose.


This was an authentic and familiar way for the connecting projector with. Now you have got approach to operating connect a projector with the laptop. Modern computer windows can detect a projector displays disconnect automatically. older windows may need the last step.