How to conduct an anti-plagiarism check?

If you have a document on your hands, whether it is written by you or somebody else and you wish to check it for plagiarism – here is how you do it. But wait… Why do you need a anti plagiarism check? What can it do for your grades, webpage or work? Let’s find out.

To know what are the most effective ways of dealing with the problem, you must first familiarise yourself with the problem itself. Plagiarism is a rule or law-breaking action when a person takes someone else’s work (in this case written work) and claims it as their own. This infringes copyrights, breaks oaths and academic codes etc. Plagiarism is most common amongst internet writers and students. People on the other side of the barricades – publishers/employers/educators use anti plagiarism software to find plagiarism and copy to prevent it from going public or resulting in rewards.

So, how do you conduct a anti plagiarism check? Well the first thing you are going to need is a software or a tool capable of detecting plagiarism. Plagramme or any other anti plagiarism service will do just fine. What you need to do next is to gain access to the service. Usually, signing up is enough but in other cases you might need to pay for access. Our mentioned Plagramme allows you to sign up and test out the waters for free. Next – upload the document which you wish to scan for plagiarism and wait for the results. Use the report and the rest of the results to rewrite, fix or report the document with plagiarism.