How to choose the best SERP API for your website?

Google undoubtedly stands out as the world’s top search engine. Accounting for maximum search queries, Google rank scores are imperative for your website. Needless to say, Google’s search engine results page, or SERP, is extremely important for SEO of a website. Selecting the correct keyword, achieving a good rank on search engine as well as tracking positions of keywords, each step when correctly executed gives ultimate success. So, it is inevitable to select an efficient SERP API which can take you on the top charts.

Thorough Metric measurement

Although there are countless factors that affect rankings, working it together with a good Google Search API definitely gives a good start. An effective SERP Tracker will always measure a number of metrics before generating its final results about website ranking. The exact rank and the accurate amount of traffic your website will get depends on multiple factors. The role that your Google SERP tracker will play becomes huge when it comes to identifying Google rating of all such factors. SERP tracker projections should be accurate regarding keywords, desktop versus mobile disparity in ranking of the same website and identifying difficult keyword identification to achieve your online visibility objectives.

Taking several search engines in consideration

Google is not the only search engine that users use for search queries, although it might be the leading one. Users might use other search engines also like Yahoo or Bing to search for your keywords. So, a SERP tracker should keep an eye on ranking data across several search engines simultaneously.

Search results based on personalised tracking

A distinctive feature that differentiates the best SERP Google Search API, is the ability to track results based on personalised data. Result generation should be ideally based on previous search history, IP location, and also history of click-throughs of a particular user. Besides, type of platform being used (mobile or desktop) is also an important indicator typically contemplated by SERP trackers in order to generate accurate results.

Website optimization by SERP Position Checker

Your website’s online ranking on search engines can be a highly relevant determinant for business success. So, while you continuously strive to better your website by improving content, placing keywords appropriately and using metadata, SERP checker services by API can prove indispendable when you want optimal outcomes. It should give you the right perspective about keyword performance, the ability to carry out location-specific search when analyzing rankings and proper domain assessment. Sometimes, SERP tracker might even advise change of URL if your present one is not turning out that SEO-friendly.

Although there is no single universal ranking for a website due to the high variability of factors involved, your best Google search API can be helpful in explaining your rank in comparison to your competitors as well as how good your keywords are behaving in generating traffic for your website. Easy monitoring of ranking, regular reporting in JSON format and fast assessment of keyword performance are some of the key features which your SERP API must possess.