How to Cautiously Stay Away From Google’s Penalty Radar

Google seems to hold the whole world of internet within its hand, and its penalties become serious predicaments for websites, depreciating their rankings.

Neophytes in blogging and webmasters that aren’t acquainted to terms Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Hummingbird, or other “species” will be in for a difficult time in the world of SEO.

These are the names that Google gave to the different set of changes they apply to their ranking algorithm. Every algorithm rollout gives a different set of rules and updates to the existing algorithm, so being abreast the changes is a big swing to your advantage.

Annually, Google officially proclaims they have been making hundreds of adjustments to their algorithms in order to improve the quality of their search results. These changes brings about tension, with some websites positively affected because they get better rankings and more traffic, while some unfortunate websites lose traffic because their rankings were lowered or wiped out completely.

Proper Dallas SEO techniques, together with backlinking are really important. Having the strongest impact on search engines, it also makes and breaks search performance.

Proactively saving a company website from penalty saves the firm all the costs and the painstaking steps to recover from it.

Listed below are top three tips to stay away from Google Penalty:

  • Audit your site

For Bloggers, utilizing Dallas SEO techniques are highly recommended to find and troubleshoot website SEO related issues. Doing this gives them an overview of why their ranking needs improvement, and where to apply the necessary changes.

  • Optimize content

Adding content increments your brand appeal and turn readers into potential customers. As they all say, content is always king in the world of digital marketing.

The whole objective of creating content is to target audience by creating useful and helpful content that are worth sharing.

Including visuals and graphics that integrate data into blog posts is a plus. This entices the audience to know more about the company once the posts have given them valuable content.

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  • Use different keyword phrases

Once done with full backlink analysis and a complete grasp of where links do originate; focus on using different keyword phrases, useful content, and brand names within the blog content in order for Google to consider links as natural.

In simple terms, links shouldn’t have to exactly match keywords in their anchor texts.

One tip is to use the brand name as anchor text because anyone can share your content and link to it. The ability to manipulate anchor texts is a logical reason to use a brand name as part of your linking strategy.

Publishing fresh and unique content gives a better publicity to the cyber world and improves the number of followers.

Celine Kate Trinidad is an all-around content writer who loves to write about anything under the sun. She specializes in writing about psychology, real-estate, business development, and creatives.