How Scrabble Has Helped People Think Better

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Improving how you think doesn’t require a fancy diet. Nor do you need to consult expensive specialists and doctors. Word games like Scrabble are a great and inexpensive tool to help you think better. So let us all grab our thinking caps and explore how Scrabble has helped people think better. Time to run some Scrabble! 

What Is Scrabble And How Does It Improve Your Mind?

Scrabble is an American word game that first came out in 1938, and has been updated a few times since. The game is played by two to four players. To win, you need to score the most points before the tiles run out. To score points, you place letter tiles on a game board and create words. Each word has a point value based on the point value of each letter, multiplied by the point multipliers on the board.

Scrabble is played in many countries and several languages, making it a global hit. Schools encourage Scrabble clubs on-campus and Scrabble tournaments are closely contested affairs that pit competitors against each other in a contest of skill, strategy, and vocabulary.

 Now let’s look at how Scrabble helps improve your thinking.

Scrabble Stimulates Your Brain

Many people think playing games that stimulate a particular part of your brain would make us better at using that part. That isn’t the case with Scrabble. Studies revealed that Scrabble players use their brain a little differently when playing. Researchers found that competitive Scrabble players use a different part of their brain when deciding on what words to place on the board compared to other normal Scrabble players. 

While this means you learn to stimulate your brain, Scrabble also helps people suffering from neurodegenerative disease, delaying the onset of many symptoms. 

Your Vocabulary Grows

Scrabble is a great way to learn new words and enrich your vocabulary. Playing the game (and occasionally getting your butt handed to you by a smirking player with a word you’d never seen or heard of before) sparks the drive in many players to read and expand their knowledge. 

Strategy And Creative Thinking

Scrabble is a word game, true, but an element of strategy is also key to winning. Making a long word isn’t enough. You need to play smart, placing the letter tiles on the board where they will score you the most points while making it harder for the other players to score on your letters. Sometimes, it’s better not to play that long word, especially if you think the other player will benefit more from that play. 

Your Focus Improves

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has seemingly conditioned many of us to multi-task. We just have to be ready to do multiple things at once. This skill, while useful, makes it difficult to focus on single tasks for longer periods. Scrabble helps you re-train that focus, teaching you how to concentrate on the task at hand.

Improves Your Memory

Many tricks are floating around on the internet on how to increase your IQ, or get faster or stronger. While a lot of these tips are worthless, there are a few that do work, and one stands out in particular as improving your memory and cognitive function.  It is ideal to use productivity tools such as the Pomodoro timer to help you get more done at shorter periods of time.

Scrabble helps train your memory, improving recall. This also makes your brain more efficient at dealing with difficult tasks. The game not only helps you learn new words and their meanings, but it also improves your brain’s performance.

Better Social Interaction

Many of us do not see the benefits social interaction offers our brains. Interacting with other people is an important tool in keeping our wits sharp. Interaction forces us to see things from other people’s perspectives and makes us compare these to our own position. Interacting with people lets us see things from a different angle.

Another underrated benefit of social interaction? Reduced stress. Playing games, not just Scrabble, with your friends, can lower stress levels. Long-term stress has been proven to have a negative effect on memory and our brain’s performance. Stress has even been linked to changes in our brains. It’s not just playing Scrabble that helps, but the quality of the company that you play with. Diverse groups are better for reducing stress.

The Runback

Taking care of your brain and improving it doesn’t need to be a complicated affair. Getting the proper amount of rest, eating right and reducing stress goes a long way towards improving your brain’s functions. Scrabble and other games help a lot too, as these games train your mind, helping you learn and improve your skills.

Regularly playing games is fun, and Scrabble with your friends is even more fun. This fun is a great way to make sure that your mind stays in tip-top shape. So pull up some chairs and a table and deal with those tiles. It’s time to play some Scrabble.