How Online Courses Can Change Almost Any Business

Being able to write pages of content for your customers so they can find out more information about exactly what you do is necessary for any website. However, today providing great reading material is not always enough. Some people do not have the time to read or just don’t want to read because they know that they have the alternative option of video.

As a result, most modern websites provide both information content and video, but now many are taking a video one step further by using the power of video to teach their customers about what their product does, what their services offer, or to help people learn at a lower cost.

Online Courses Suit Education Orientated Businesses

Using online courses are currently one of the most powerful ways for education orientated businesses to spread their reach further than just the location they operate. For example, a well-known Permaculture training company based in Thailand have taken steps to begin teaching organic farming methods, natural building and holistic living concepts and offer these courses online for free.

Upselling Online Courses by Offering Free Information

OK so not all the courses are free, but you get the basic membership and started courses for free. This is an excellent way for the company to give people an idea of what Permaculture is about. If the client signing up for the free course is happy and wishes to continue, then there is an option to purchase further courses.

Now, this is, of course, a method of marketing that is upselling. Give something for free first so your potential clients can decide from the free material if the course or the subject of Permaculture is something they would be interested in pursuing. The alternative is for someone to take a risk, spend money on the course, and then decide they do not want to learn any further.

An Example of Just How Any Business Can Use Online Training

By the way, if you were wondering about the company I am referring to then check this out: Permaculture e-learning. Now if you do look at the link, you will probably notice just how far apart the subject of Permaculture and the subject of technology are. However, just because Permaculture learning is about natural living, that does not mean technology cannot play a role.

I mean let’s think about this. Living in the countryside, using natural materials, forgetting about consumerism, and focusing on being self-sufficient couldn’t be much further away from the concept of technology. Nonetheless, technology has its uses even in this industry. Raktamachat teaches Permaculture courses and as the company is in the field of education, then without a question of doubt online e-learning and Permaculture go hand in hand.

Online Courses Offer Lower Cost and Flexible E-Learning

Another huge advantage to e-learning is that it is cheaper than having physically to a learning institute. Also, you do not have to book in a time to learn, therefore you have flexibility. Plus, as the course in online, you do not need to pay for the instructor’s time because he or she has already put in the time by creating and continuously updating their e-learning environment.

If you wanted to book a course with Raktamachat, you would also need to fly to Thailand! If you booked a course with any other Permaculture center, you would also need to pay for your travel expenses. So, let’s imagine this. You book your course, pay the expenses of going all the way there, then decide that you don’t like the subject – you have wasted your money essentially.  

Being able to take the online course first at a fraction of the price of having to take a live course with an instructor on a Permaculture farm gives the e-learner the chance to decide whether Permaculture is interesting enough to pursue further as a hobby or even as a job.

From e-learning to Learning in a Live Environment

Now here comes one of the best parts to having an e-learning course on your website. If you do have a live school, as Raktamachat does, and you as an e-learner like the courses that you took, then you may want to book a flight to Thailand and live on Raktamachat’s Permaculture farm. For the e-learner, this is a fair trade, and for Raktamachat, having live courses allows them to gain further bookings.

Essentially, the e-learner gets something for free, the person enjoys the course and purchases further courses, and finally, the e-learner may want to learn in the LIVE environment!

  1. E-learner gets free training
  2. E-learner like the subject and buys further e-courses
  3. E-learner decides to book for live hands-on learning at the learning center

Now this is a simplified explanation of the steps taken when it comes to using video and online learning on your website. You also have to make sure that your written content on your site is interesting, and most importantly of all, your video and e-learning courses have to sell your personality. You cannot just put up any video with pure junk and expect people to sign up for your courses – it just doesn’t work that way.

Quality, branding, professionalism, knowledge of the subject, systematic learning, and many other aspects will need to be considered even before you create an online learning system. You will need decent camera equipment and very good sound quality, which means investing in a good microphone.

In the case of Raktamachat, you can see how well organized their e-learning courses are. They are recorded live on their Permaculture farm with excellent equipment. The farm is already professionally set up, and the owners have made every effort to make sure the equipment they use to record their lessons and the farm prodcuses clear pictures, video and sound with some excellent editing!

If you have got to this point in the article, then you already know the marketing concept, which is pretty simple. To make the concept successful, you need to plan with quality in mind every step of the way.

There are many e-learning applications and plugins you can use to start your own online courses. Take a look at for some ideas. However, these are just basic, you can go out there are search for companies that online training course templates set up and ready to go, so all you need to do is add your content, load it on to your site and you too could be selling online courses.