How Many Types Of USB Cables Are There In The Market

Most of the electronic devices and computers have a form of USB connection, and some devices also come with a USB cable. This guide will brief you about micro USB cable types and their uses.

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What is a USB Cable?

Universal serial bus or USB is basically an industry standard, which was developed in mid 1990s for standardizing the connection of computer peripherals with computers. It replaced numerous earlier interfaces and has become the most famous type of connector for consumer devices.

Types of USB

  • Type-A

Most of the USB cables come with Type-A connector on their one end. Most of the computer peripherals such as mice and keyboards have type-A connectors. Also, power adapters have type-A connectors and personal computers come with multiple type-A ports for charging/ data transferring.

  • Type-B

It is a square connector, which is usually used in printers and powered devices which connect to a personal computer. These cables are however, less common as compared to type-A ones in the market.

  • Mini-USB

As the name suggests, these cables are smaller as compared to regular ones and are used in cameras having non-standard connectors.

micro USB cable

  • Micro-USB

These cables are currently standard for most of the portable and mobile devices and have been adopted by all mobile and smartphone manufacturers but Apple.

  • Type-C

This is a reversible cable which promises more power and high transfer rates as compared to type-A and type-B. Nowadays, it is increasingly adopted as standard cable for smartphones, tablets and even laptops.

  • Lightning

It is not a USB standard but is Apple’s connector for iPhones and iPads. It is compatible with all Apple devices which have been made after September 2012 and is smaller in size as compared to micro-USB. Apple’s devices before September 2012 use different and much larger proprietary connector.

What Is USB-3?

It is latest USB standard, which offers faster transfer rate and is mostly, backwards compatible with older versions of USB. Usually, standard-A connectors are identical to type-A connectors of older versions; however those are coloured blue for distinguishing them from other versions. These connectors are fully backward compatible however the increased speed is only available when all components are USB-3 compatible.

USB-3 micro and standard-B versions have some extra pins for allowing the increased transfer speed and are henceforth not compatible with earlier versions. Older micro-B and type-B cables can be easily used in the USB-3 ports but there are fewer chances of high speed.

About USB On-The-Go

OTG or USB on the go is a new standard which allows portable and mobile devices to act as USB hosts. With OTG USB your smartphone can host the external drive and thereby allowing you to move your files directly from external drive to a smartphone, thereby eliminating the need of a laptop.


Hope this guide will give you clear insight about types of cables available in the market and thereby will help you in purchasing the suitable one for your device.