How Important Is Responsive Web Design?

There was a time where businesses used to create two versions of one website, i.e. one of desktop users, and one for mobile users. But now with ever increasing mobile users, having two separate versions of one website is really time consuming and needs high maintenance. Here comes the importance of having responsive web design.

Yeah…Nowadays, you can have just a single version of website that is readily available for all devices, on say, a desktop, a mobile, or a tablet; the users won’t “see any alteration” in your site’s appearance on their screen. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of having responsive web design Parramatta

Increased Traffic from Mobile Users

More than 58% adults own a mobile phone and more than 60% of all traffic is from mobile devices. Each and every month, mobile usage increases, so more and more customers will view your website from a mobile device. In such a case, if the customer interacting with your site is poor, they will likely have a poor opinion on your brand and probably they will shift to a competitor’s site.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Google has also recommended Responsive Web Design as one of the important ranking factor, as it provides a good user experience and improve your SEO efforts on all platforms. From the recent Google Algorithm, it has been cleared that non mobile-friendly websites are sinking out of mobile SERPs at an ever faster rate. If you’re concerned about your SEO rank, it’s important to make responsive web design!  Contact the experts of SEO Parramattafrom Modemedia, one the best SEO Company in Parramatta!

Adapt Multiple Device Sizes

Want your website to look great, no matter the size of the device screen? Then responsive web design is the right way to go. Including today’s techie devices such as smartphones and tablets, and tomorrow devices such as smart watches, and Google Glass, and no matter whatever new devices pops-up, Responsive web design will work for them too.

Easier to Manage and Lower Website Maintenance

Having responsive web design offers lower upkeep cost as compared to running two versions of a single website. Albeit, it’s little bit expensive earlier, the reduced cost of maintaining two separate websites makes the investment worthier. And also, it takes less time to set up and it frees up more hours for you to concentrate to other important areas of your core business.

Provide Better User Experience

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are plenty of reasons to make your website a responsive one. But one of the main reasons behind all these is to provide a better seamless user experience for your online customers. A better user experience reduces bounce rate, boost website traffic, increase conversions and improves brand reputation.

Now, there is no more pinching, zooming, and side scrolling to see an entire website that doesn’t fit on a mobile screen. Just go responsive and have a website that stands out!