Google Pixel 2 Specs, features, Release date

Well, the most burning question is that whether Google Pixel 2 will get success as its predecessor? Will it win the race among all other smartphones that would be coming in the market around that period?

So, let’s have a glance at the leaked features of Google Pixel 2.

Date of launch and cost:

Google Pixel 2 can be released in the month of October this year. We came to know from sources that Google is planning to increase the price by $ 50. So, it can disappoint fans again.


Novelty display will be 5.2 inch with high resolution and it will shoot videos in HD in 4k format.

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Google Pixel was lighter in weight, so the same is expected with Pixel 2 as well.

Build (frame)

The two Smartphone are similar in designs and have tough metal frame.

Build (back)

Gorilla Glass 4 is present at the back of Google Pixel. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 is used in case of Google Pixel 2

Display resolution

Both the Smartphone have Quad HD resolution which is ultra-sharp. It makes Pixel look somewhat pixel-dense. However, this feature enhances Pixel 2 display appearance by making it stunning.

Display type

Both Smartphone have AMOLED panels, making them excellent display in the market.

Wireless charging

The wireless charging could be seen in both the handsets, but it is quicker in Google Pixel 2, which takes only 2 hours for full charging.

Camera megapixels

Both Smartphone have awesome front as well as back camera. Optical Image Stabilization feature is present in both. The camera can be installed by simply pressing the home button in both handsets. Google Pixel has already won the race in case of camera.


Google Pixel runs on Android Nougat 7.0. On the basis of rumors, it is being said that Pixel 2 would have Android 8.0


Both smartphone will be differing in case of RAM and internal memory. Pixel 2 might have 6 GB of RAM. There is 128 GB internal storage memory but no external card slot is there.

We guess you are able to draw correct insight regarding comparison of Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 and which one you could fetch a better deal. Our endeavor is to provide you updated information about your Smartphone, hence supplement the news acquired through opinion of our experts. Keep visiting!